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Local movers in Austin, Texas

Our local moving company in Texas offers great value for households and businesses making a change. We save you time because we know how to navigate the state’s growing metropolitan areas. Our commitment to customer satisfaction makes the entire process stress-free. Texas cities (Austin, Houston, Dallas and San Antonio) are growing at a rate of over 15 percent annually, attesting to the job opportunities for newcomers to the state. This rapid growth also means professional movers are busier than ever, so be sure to get in touch with Texas movers sooner rather than later. We'll do the heavy lifting, whether you are coming from across the country or relocating within the Lone Star State.



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Size of move Studio 1-Bedroom 2-Bedroom 3-Bedroom 4+ -Bedroom Office Other
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Local Movers

The benefits you get from working with local movers include:

  • An all-inclusive bid based on local knowledge and expertise
  • Professional packing services including boxes, tape, paper, wrap and blankets
  • Dependable transport selected from our fleet of vehicles
  • Safe arrival of your belongings, including sensitive electronics, glassware, furnishings and personal items
  • Efficient unpacking at your destination and removal of packing materials
  • Completion of your move within your timeline
  • Friendly, professional movers with knowledge of the local area

Local moves in Texas can handle your upcoming relocation with professional care. With an established presence in the local community, we are service providers you can trust. We’ll be here for any follow-up questions that might come up, and we’ll be available the next time you need to make a move too.

Our clients

Our clients include individuals, families and businesses. We are your go-to local movers in Texas and beyond.

Moving services

Local Movers
Even a local relocation can be a big job. Our local movers have you covered with the logistics, packing and safe transport of your belongings.

Long-Distance Movers

Trust our long-distance movers to handle your relocation. We specialize in getting all your stuff, from fragile glassware to large furniture, safely to your new home.

Office Movers

From sensitive computer equipment to valuable inventory, our professional office movers safely pack, transport and unpack your entire business. You will be ready to reopen within your timeframe.

Storage and Movers

When you are downsizing a home or business, we can handle the overflow. Ask about our convenient storage options in your local metropolitan area.

Service Area

People often ask us, “Are there local movers near me?” The answer is yes. We have offices in the most populous Texas metropolitan areas, including Austin, Houston, Dallas and San Antonio. Because our service areas are quite popular relocation destinations for residents throughout the U.S., our services are in demand throughout the state. Even so, that hasn’t changed our commitment to excellent customer service, professionalism and pride in a job well done.

Storage Services

Our customer care services extend beyond your actual move into safe, secure storage options for your overflow. Maybe your new location is a smaller space than before, or perhaps you are planning to redecorate. Our storage options in Texas include both short-term and long-term solutions for those items you don’t currently have room for but don’t want to let go.

We provide climate-controlled units in several sizes. Our advanced security means your stuff will be safely packed and stowed away until you need it. Meanwhile, you have full access to your secure storage unit whenever you want, including weekdays, weekends and after hours.

Partner with our professional movers and storage services to help make settling into your new Texas location a fun and exciting process. When you’re ready, we can even deliver your stored items directly to your door. Just let us know.

Our Key Principles

  • Customer satisfaction is our key priority. We work within your timeframe to deliver all of your belongings safely to your new address.

  • Full disclosure is our goal with every quote we write. We don’t believe in hidden fees, and we won’t add on costs without your approval.

  • Professionalism is our watchword. Our relocation crews provide a professional level of care when handling and transporting your belongings, from fragile glassware to heavy furniture.

  • Your time is precious. We make sure that we meet your timeline from arriving to pack your stuff to delivering it in a timely manner at your new Texas location.

  • Details matter. Our local movers take pride in providing full white-glove service. When your move is completed, you will have a neat, uncluttered space to settle into.

Residential Moving

One of our clients’ main concerns with a residential move is whether their fragile items like china and crystal will get there safely. We take take the safety of your belongings just as seriously as you do. It doesn’t matter if you are traveling a long distance or just a short way across town. You want to be absolutely sure your most treasured belongings arrive in one piece, and so do we.

Professional packing and transport just happen to be our specialty at Texas Movers. Our local crews bring a good supply of boxes, wrap, pads, paper and tape and pack up everything with meticulous care. As residential relocation experts, we know what it takes to prevent damage to all sorts of items from glassware to electronics.

We don’t rush when it comes to keeping all your stuff safe. With professional care that comes with experience, we handle the logistics so your residential move is a success. Our responsible crew treats your household items with the same degree of care they would take with their own treasured heirlooms.

Get in touch with our Texas movers when you are planning to relocate. With our local knowledge and plenty of experience, we will streamline what might otherwise be a stressful experience for you. Leave the packing and logistics to us.

Office Moves

One of the biggest concerns with relocating your business is whether everything will get there on time. Otherwise, you face costly delays and downtime for employees and customers alike. Don’t risk the health of your enterprise for the sake of saving a few dollars. Hire the best. Our local Texas office movers provide you with door-to-door services that save you precious time and critical income, helping you reopen your business in no time.

Our office relocation services start with a free, no-obligation quote that includes everything. Upon your approval, we’ll set a schedule for your move that fits your timeframe. On the big day, our professional crew will arrive with boxes and packing materials necessary to systematically secure your office equipment, furnishings and inventory for transport. Then, they will stow it all securely in the right-sized vehicle so that nothing shifts around during travel.

You don’t have to worry that your sensitive equipment or office supplies will be lost or damaged between your old location and your new offices. We handle everything with the high degree of care it takes to move your office safely. Our licensed and insured Texas movers are fully covered against loss just in case, but our exemplary track record speaks for itself. Contact one of our friendly representatives today to schedule an in-person quote.


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