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Searching for last-minute, same-day, or short notice moving services? Whether you are moving to a short-distance location or across the country,Texas Movers offers a professional moving staff who can deal with exceptional last-minute services in your moving emergency.
Our customer service agents will do the impossible for your same-day or last-minute moving request. You can get a free quote and enjoy the local or long-distance moving services right away! We can quickly help you meet your fast-approaching moving deadline.


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Size of move Studio 1-Bedroom 2-Bedroom 3-Bedroom 4+ -Bedroom Office Other
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Same Day, Short Distance Movers

You can get immediate moving services whenever required. If you are moving out of your house or apartment the same day, our short-distance moves can help you out.

Last-Minute, Long Distance

Need urgent services while moving out of the country? You can request a last-minute or long-distance moving service for such a short notice move.

Licensed Moving Company

Even if you are looking for movers at the last minute, it is still important to prefer a licensed and authorized moving company. We offer exceptional last-minute moving services.

Trained Professionals

Texas Movers have a team of highly-trained and experienced movers. We prioritize the comfort and convenience of our clients. Hence we offer exceptionally quick yet careful moving services. We do our best to provide same-day or next-day moves.

Free Quotes

Our customer service reps are available to resolve your queries. They also claim to answer your questions as soon as possible. We are a fully licensed, insured, and accredited moving company, you can contact us for tips and advice anytime.

Who are our clients?

We have moved apartments, condominiums for hundreds of customers and even relocated offices and commercial establishments. Here are some of our clients.

Our services

Packing Services

Our professional movers use the finest equipment to properly pack your stuff, even in a last-minute relocation situation. Using boxes, tapes, blankets, furniture pads, and other high-quality packing supplies, we pack your stuff carefully yet quickly for a short notice move. We can pack your electronics, glassware, and sensitive items and deliver them without any damages.
Furniture Installation
Even after a short notice last-minute moving request we offer ASAP packing, moving, and also, unpacking services. Our professional movers will also arrange your stuff at your new place at your request.

Long Distance Movers

Long-distance moves are quite complicated and become more difficult due to same-day notice moving. But we are equipped with reliable technology, advanced logistics, modern and well-maintained trucks. So, we make last-minute long-distance residential moves safe and as quick as possible.
Being any day movers, we also offer last-minute short or long-term storage services to store your belongings on short notice. With our clean, hygienic, fire-proof, and secured storage units, you can store your stuff until you are ready to move.

Does Texas Moving USA offer Storage Services?

Texas Moving USA offers ready-to-use exceptional last-minute short or long-term storage facilities. You can store your personal belongings in our warehouse storage facilities for the short or long term.
During the last-minute moving emergency, you can get organized, relocate to your new apartment, and move your things whenever you are ready. In the meantime, competent staff in our storage facility will keep track of your goods and ensure their safety. Our facilities are incredibly clean and fire-proof.
We have taken advanced security measures to ensure the safety and protection of your stuff even on short notice. This is why you will find everything just the way you left them. Our prices are competitive and affordable. We are here to support you during a hectic last-minute relocation situation.

What are Our Key Principles?

We work on the principles of transparency, punctuality, courtesy. Our team strives to offer last-minute exceptional apartment moving services to satisfy the demands and requirements of our customers in the last-minute relocation situation.
Here are some of the key principles we follow:

  • Our proficient movers are always on time and well-mannered to keep up with short notice moving requests.
  • Even on short-notice, last-minute moving requests, we take good care of your items while packing, loading, transporting, unloading, and unpacking.
  • For packing, we only use the best quality packing supplies to ensure safety along with fast-moving services.
  • We select only the best trucks in top condition to efficiently complete last-minute moving requests.
  • There are no delays. As exceptional last-minute movers, we don't make our customers wait.
  • We provide free estimates regarding your last-minute moves. There are no hidden fees.
  • We are a fully licensed insured and accredited moving company. Our same-day and last-minute moves are 100% insured.
  • As any day movers, we are available to move your stuff all 7 days of the week, during the day and the evening.


The crucial factor for successful last-minute relocation is proper organization and documentation.
Our competent staff, reliable last-minute moving procedure, and expert advice ensure an effective and secured same-day, last-minute move. We carefully monitor and manage each step of your short notice relocation request to ensure that you stay ahead of time. Our services are devoid of any hidden fees or additional charges. Our packaging services are worth your investment.
Here is how we can get you out and into your new place ASAP:

  • We deliver packing supplies right away, so you can start packing before we arrive.
  • With our emergency packing services, we do everything for you. We carefully pack your fragile and large items.
  • We also offer last-minute short or long-term storage facilities.
Texas Moving USA Team

Does Texas Moving USA offer full Residential Moving services?

We are a full-service, wholly licensed, and insured residential last-minute moving company . We can help you move houses of all sizes, small 1 or 2 bedroom apartments or bigger properties in case of a last-minute relocation situation. Trust us to move all your belongings like furniture, glassware, chandeliers, paintings, piano, sensitive electronics quickly without any distraction.
Our team of well-trained last-minute movers offers services like disconnecting and disassembling your items and assembling them again on arrival to make them operational again. We always use the finest quality packing material including customized cartons for furniture, protective padding for glass, protective foams for your television so that your belongings aren’t damaged during the last-minute long-distance move. During the travel, the truck will only have your belongings. Your residential move will always be safe and on time.

Does Texas Moving USA provide the clients with Local Moving services?

Texas Moving USA is a prominent same-day, last-minute moving company. We provide one of the best local flat short notice moving services if you are relocating within Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin the same day. We offer full access to our customers for free estimates, transparent pricing, checklists, and moving tips for an easy and stress-free last-minute local relocation situation.
You can pick the time and day for the move, whether it is the daytime or evening, weekday or weekend, today or the next day we offer fast, on-time, and short notice moving services. We always use modern and properly-maintained trucks for both long-distance and local moves . Speak with our moving manager today, and our apartment movers can be at your place in just 30 minutes!


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