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Texas Movers is a prominent long-distance moving contractor for our self-storage units and short and long-term moving services. We offer clean, well-lit, and safe storage units in extensive variety, including personal, business, and climate-controlled units based on your requirements. As a trusted company, we prefer the convenience and comfort of our clients. Our experienced team offers free reservations, convenient access hours, and 24/7 service.


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Size of move Studio 1-Bedroom 2-Bedroom 3-Bedroom 4+ -Bedroom Office Other
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You'll need a storage unit when moving across state lines or relocating long-distance, especially if it is not possible to move all of your stuff at once (for whatever reason). Naturally, you'll need someplace to keep your stuff safely stored away until you can get back to it.

Here’s how our services work in your favor:

Free Reservation

We prefer the absolute convenience of our customers. You can book our self-storage facilities without any charges and obligations. Plus, you can cancel the reservations anytime.

Convenient Hours

For the comfort and ease of our customers, we let them decide the most convenient time to access their units.

Temperature-Controlled Units

Our exclusive climate-controlled units are exclusively designed to shield your stuff from extreme temperature fluctuations. We maintain a constant temperature that is much more tolerable than a traditional unit.

Multiple Unit Sizes

We offer several sizes to offer large-scale storage unit services. The units are planned with an extensive size range based on your belongings. An estimator tool is employed to determine what unit size will fit your specific needs the best.

Electronic Gate Access

To guarantee the safety and protection of your belongings, our storage units are designed with fences and have electronic gate access.

Who are our clients?

We have moved apartments, condominiums for hundreds of customers and even relocated offices and commercial establishments. Here are some of our clients.


Commercial Moving
We have the proper abilities and proficiency to offer customized moving solutions based on your business requirements. We can help you store your office stuff, medical equipment, and school essentials with our short-term storage plans.
Local Moving
With our years of experience, we can store your valuable possessions in our protected storage facilities before moving them to your new location. You can entrust us with your belongings as we are well-trained and certified movers in the industry.
Long-Distance Moving
With our exceptional teams, experience, and resources we can store and move your processions to long-distance locations as well. Our trusted procedure can ensure a smooth and worry-free long-distance move.
Apartment Moving
We offer clean, fully equipped trucks, and our experienced and highly motivated movers will ensure a stress-free move. With our incredible storage units, you can also safeguard your belongings while moving to your new apartment.


Self-storage also referred to as self-service storage, provides space for people to rent and store their personal, or commercial belongings. You can find a storage unit to book through a "best storage facility near me" search query on Google. Our unit allows you to store and arrange your stuff inside as per your liking.

With consistent growth in your business, you require more space to store your business papers and inventory. With storage services, you don’t have to worry about your stuff and devote more time concentrating on your business.


Why Should People Choose Our Commercial Storage Units?

We offer exceptionally reasonable storage units price for storing your business-related possessions. Our tax-deductible business solutions are intended to offer services according to your budget requirements. Our commercial self-storage team has devised convenient access timing and a wide range of outdoor drive-up units for your accessibility and comfort.

You can drive in and out easily without any hassle. We allow you to change your unit size or location on your requests. We also offer short-term commitment facilities and rent our units on a month-to-month basis. To offer the utmost safety for your stuff, the location is clean and well-lit.

Plus, the electronic keypad access feature for each storage unit is intended for absolute security and protection.

What Can You Store In Our Commercial Storage Units?

Paper Document Storage

Even with several latest advancements in digital technologies, each office contains stacks of paper files. These files must have taken a lot of space in your office. Search for a "large storage facility near me" on Google, book our storage service, and free up space by keeping these files in a storage unit.

Office Equipment Storage

Instead of spending a large sum of money for increasing your office space to accommodate your supplementary office equipment, you can reserve a storage unit to store your unused furniture, workstations, supplies, and other office equipment. With reasonable self-storage facility costs, you can maintain a flexible business.

Sales Storage

Keeping your sales materials and marketing samples in a compact office space seems practically difficult. By using storage unit services, you can store your sales material in contained and secured units.

If you are interested in our exceptional self-storage services, contact us now to get a free quote and storage-related tips or advice.

What are Some Useful Commercial Storage Tips?

Stay Organized

You can save more time by properly organizing your stuff in the unit. You can arrange the items based on how frequently you have to use an item. The stuff you would have to use recurrently should be placed close to the door. Poorly arranged items can cause inconvenience. It will take more time to locate an item in need.

Prepare a list of items

You should always make a thorough list of the items you are placing in a storage unit. It will help you swiftly find your stuff when required. You can also create a digital inventory for the stuff stored in the storage unit.

Don't Lift Heavy Stuff

We have specially designed hand trucks and dollies to carry your heavy items in and out of the unit. You can easily store heavy stuff without worrying about their transport.

Add Your Employees

With our exceptional commercial self-storage experience, we offer the finest services to our clients. We allow you to manage who you want to appoint for complete access by adding certified users in your account settings.

Texas Moving USA Team


Why Should People Choose Our Self-Storage Services?

Make Space In Your House

Our self-storage units are designed to lower some burden from your overflowing closets, garage, and other rooms. You can empty some space by storing some of your belongings in a reliable personal self-storage unit.

Hold On To Your Valued Items

It is hard to get rid of stuff important for you just because you don’t have enough space to keep it. Storage unit services are exclusively intended to help you keep the things you love close to you.

Make Room For An Addition To The Family

You need more space to keep items for your new babies like car seats, strollers, and cribs as they require too much space. You don't have to dispose of your stuff to make room for new stuff. You can trust us with your valuables.

Make Room For Life's Alterations

If you are downsizing, relocating, or making space for some guests moving in, you can store some additional stuff in a self-storage unit at reasonable storage facility rates.

What Can You Store In Personal Storage Units?

Staging For A Sale

While putting your house on sale, a retailer might want you to declutter before the first open house. Most house shoppers will want to see themselves in the residences they are considering. You can place your house furniture and stuff in a storage unit with short-term commitment services.


Most people presume furnishings and a functioning kitchen when they sublet or rent via Airbnb, but they can't live with your personal items. Store all your personal belongings you don't want to share in a storage unit.


While remodeling or renovating your cabinets, you need more area to place the items from the cabinets and surroundings to create a better workspace. You can locate a storage unit conveniently through a "nearest storage facility near me" Google search.

What Are Some Useful Personal Self-Storage Tips?

Mark And Arrange Boxes

It is best to properly arrange and label the boxes before placing them in the unit. Be sure to make a complete list of the boxes and their contents as well as to remember the stuff you have placed in the unit. It is also convenient to keep track of where you put it in your unit. A digital inventory can be proved quite handy in such situations.

Have A Second Resort

You can prepare an extra key for your unit and leave it with a trusted friend while moving away for a short period. This would also be useful in case you lose your key. Moreover, you can also allow someone to access your unit in your account settings.

Make Proper Use Of The Space

You can plan a layout for arranging your stuff inside the unit. It will help you properly use the space and keep your stuff easy to locate when required. It is also a better idea to place an object with frequent use close to the door.


Why Should People Choose Our Climate-Controlled Self-Storage Units?


Some materials and stuff get easily damaged due to temperature fluctuations. Extreme heat, humidity, and cold in the unit can be dangerous for your belongings. That’s why you should prefer our reliable climate-controlled unit. It is intended to maintain an almost constant temperature or humidity range inside the unit.

Convenient Visits

Most people require a storage unit that is suitable for regular visits. A climate-controlled storage unit is created with client convenience in mind. The unit is exceptionally is comfortable in either hot or cold weather.

What Can You Store In A Climate-Controlled Self-Storage Unit?


The taste and odor of wine are improved with age, only if provided with a controlled optimum environment. Temperature fluctuations can ruin your wine by increasing the aging process, making it acidic and vinegary. A climate-controlled self-storage unit is exclusively designed to offer constant temperature settings. You can store your wine in our units without having any second thoughts.

Wood Furniture

Climate-controlled storage can be quite useful for your wood furniture. Warm, humid air can be dangerous for wood and cause it to swell and warp, while extremely dry, cold air makes it shrink and crack ruining your furniture. Climate-controlled storage containers are constructed especially for your wood furniture.

Leather, Fabrics, and Upholstery

Humid air is ideal for mold and mildew growth. It can thrive quickly and infest leather and fabric, and result in long-lasting permanent damages to your belongings. Climate-controlled storage units are incredibly useful for people living in humid locations. You can locate a climate-controlled unit by searching a local storage facility near me.

Record Albums & Magnetic Media

Extreme heat can readily melt your LP records resulting in permanent damages. Magnetic media such as cassettes, reel-to-reel tapes, computer disks, and hard drives are also rather subtle towards humidity and condensation. Climate-controlled storage units can help you protect your record albums and magnetic media.

Musical Instruments

Stringed musical instruments can also warp, and the glue between the joints can melt because of intense heat. Brasses and woodwinds can be affected by bacteria, mold, and mildew. They can grow inside and damage the instruments. A climate-controlled storage environment is designed to prevent mold and bacteria growth to save your musical instrument.

What Are Some Useful Climate-Controlled Storage Tips?

Ensure Proper Air Movement

Make sure to arrange your boxes and furniture properly. A compact room doesn't have enough space for air movement. Arrange your stuff to ensure the movement of air, it will reduce the risks of mold or mildew infestation on them.

Use Silica Packets

You may have seen small packets labeled as "Do Not Eat" in some of your new stuff. These are silica packets often used to prevent moisture damages. These packets are available in various sizes in the market. You can place your camera films, records, and electronics cases inboxes filled with these packets to prevent moisture effects.

Raise Things Off The Floor

Cardboard can soak up any moisture or humidity from the surroundings, even from concrete floors. Make sure to place the cardboard boxes somewhat higher from the floor. You can use wire shelving or other strong supports to store the boxes above-floor level.

Pack Accurately

You can find several preservation techniques for keeping your stuff from moisture and temperature damages.

Unit Size Guide

With a wide range of different sizes for the storage unit, it is difficult to pick out the right option for you. We have devised this size guide to help you select the proper size you require according to your belongings.

Small Self-Storage Units

A small self-storage unit ranges from 5’x5’ to 5’x10’ .
You can fit contents equal to one room in a small unit. Mostly these units are used for storing small boxes and furniture like seasonal items or just to make some additional space in your house for guests.

Medium Self-Storage Units

A medium self-storage unit ranges from 5’x15’ to 10’x10’ .
It is ideal for storing contents of almost one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartments. They can be used to temporarily store your belonging while moving to a new apartment or remodeling your room.

Large Self-Storage Units

Large self-storage units range from 10’x15’ to 10’x25’ .
They can easily store contents equal to the two-bedroom house or even larger. You can use it to accommodate your house items while you move to a new house.

This guide contains all the information you require to select an ideal storage unit size for your stuff . If you still have some doubts you can ask for professional guidance. Our team will be more than happy to assist.

Where does Texas Moving USA provide their service?

We offer our exceptional services throughout all of the big cities in Texas, including: Austin, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio.

Our experienced staff members are always ready to help you in any way possible. You can ask for any related queries our customer service team will surely share tips and advice.

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