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A bustling city is known for affordable housing and proximity to businesses and shops. If you're making a move to North Austin, use Texas Movers to relocate. We've been providing local and even long-distance moving services for years across Texas and beyond.


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Size of move Studio 1-Bedroom 2-Bedroom 3-Bedroom 4+ -Bedroom Office Other
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North Austin Moving Services

Local Moving
Our movers know North Austin and its surrounding areas, making local moving that much easier. Have confidence in your belongings remaining safe and arriving on time by using us!
Long Distance Moving
A long-distance move can be chaotic and hectic. Let us take away your moving stress! No matter the heavy load or fragile items, our long-distance movers will get it to North Austin safe.
Residential Moving
Transferring all of your belongings to a new location can be overwhelming. However, using our residential movers will make that process stress-free! So, you have more time on your hands to embrace your new city and new home.
Office Moving
Is your business relocating? We can handle that too! Our licensed and bonded movers will pack your supplies, no matter the size, and handle them with the utmost care. So, you can focus on your business and not the move.
Piano Moving, Pool Table Moving, Fine Art Moving
Heavy items shouldn’t be moved by you. Let professionals take over and do the heavy lifting for you. Also, no need to worry about your fragile and favorite items. We will ensure its safety during delivery and even after.
Inner House Moves
Our movers don’t have to stop when the truck pulls up. We can move your in-home furniture upstairs, downstairs, or wherever you need!
Need help packing up your stuff? We can do that too! We offer high-quality packing supplies from various moving box sizes to move blankets to furniture pads, protective foams, glass protection packs, and more. Our movers will then load, transport, and even unpack on arrival.
Sometimes dates don’t align, and you need storage for your old home's belongings. We got you covered. We will hold all of your stuff safely until the day you need your belongings back, guaranteed.
Apartment Movers
Apartments can be tough to move to and from. The stairs, the sharp corners, and the door walls aren't large enough. Let us take that worry off your plate.
Senior Moving
We pride ourselves in being one of the most trusted senior moving companies across Texas. We will pack, load, transport, unload your possessions. No matter if you’re moving to a new house or an assisted living home, we are here for you.
College Moves
Have more precious moments with your kids before they leave the nest for good. We specialize in College moves. If they're going to Austin College, have us tag along to make move-in simple and easy.
South Austin Moving Company

Local Movers

Texas is known for two things; for being big and doing something even bigger. That's our motivation when it comes to moving locally. We get it; the only way to move in Texas is just by moving to another city in Texas. That's why we are exceptionally well-versed in this great big state. Our local moving team will save you time as we navigate through the state's ever-growing metropolitan areas.

Austin, Texas, has become one of the hottest and trendiest cities to move to. And that is, of course, going to include North Austin. Due to this, professional movers are getting booked fast. Don't fret, though. Texas Movers will always have a space for you. Just reach out to see how soon you can get a local mover.

Apartment Movers

The market is HOT right now for apartments in North Austin. So to get one, you have to act fast. Then you have to be ready to move in right away! That's a lot to take in. Luckily, we can handle your apartment move with ease and as quickly as you need when choosing Texas Movers. Our experience ranges from apartments of all different sizes. Lofts, one and two bedrooms, or condos.

When choosing us to move you from apartment to apartment, other benefits include; knowledge of the local area, high-quality, safe packing supplies, on-time pickup and delivery, safe arrival of belongings.

Residential Movers

Picking up your whole life and heading to a new location doesn't just "seem" overwhelming. It is! Luckily, using our residential movers puts you in a better position than those who don't go with us! Why may you ask? Because we have the necessary skill to move your family to North Austin with ease. We are so confident in our skillset we offer a free, no-obligation quote. We will assess the size, logistics, and distance of your move. That way, you have no more surprises in the home buying journey (we know how it can get).

Are you nervous we won't have a date available? Don't worry! We will make it work and get you on our company calendar within your moving dates. After that's scheduled, professional crews will help you remove belongings for your home and transfer them safely to your new home in North Austin.

Office Movers

There is a high demand to work in major cities in Texas, including North Austin. This is great for our state as it brings more jobs for a thriving economy, lower taxes, and a higher standard of living.

However, when it comes to moving your stuff, you need that same high standard of living you're bringing to Texas! And we'd be honored to be the ones to do it.

We go beyond just packing the truck and driving it. We streamline your location. We will take care of logistical, legality, security, and safety of your belongings. We are also fully licensed and insured, so you can have confidence knowing your business made the right choice in moving and with our movers.

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Moving to North Austin?

Southern life is a good life, especially in Texas. But what about North Austin? Let’s learn some fast facts about this city and its advantages.

What is now known as a shopping mecca still embraces what it was when it was formed; quiet, established, and family-oriented. From parks to restaurants, to stores and cafés.

Fun Facts:

  • It’s known as the concrete jungle.
  • Austin has the largest urban bat colony in North America, but don’t worry homeowners, the bats won’t bother you!

Be aware, with every city there is some cons to moving to this area. The biggest ones for North Austin include heavy traffic. It’s also nearly impossible not to have a car to get around this area. With Austin, Texas being so popular if you work in the downtown area, it could be a brutal commute due to traffic.

Regardless, North Austin is a great place for singles, new families, or really anyone to live and enjoy!

Useful Resources:

Utilize these links below to learn more about North Austin.

Moving to North Austin Neighbourhoods

Northern Austin has some pretty amazing neighboring cities. Of course, the major one being Austin, Texas. The city is known for outstanding food, live music venues, and uniqueness. It's rapidly growing in population and popularity—a go-to destination when living in North Austin.

Other popular neighboring destinations include; Round Rock, Georgetown, South Austin, Cedar Park, Leander, and Lakeway. All great cities to visit and experience. Most cities (besides Downtown Austin) are an easy commute.


Relocation Information
Size of move Studio 1-Bedroom 2-Bedroom 3-Bedroom 4+ -Bedroom Office Other
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