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Moving to Houston: Relocation Guide 2022

If you are considering moving to Houston, whether for a business or family movie, the city is just the right place for anyone. Houston Texas is growing in population daily as it holds just the right cost of living, schools, food scenery, and home prices to soothe just about anybody.
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Moving to Houston

Houston Quick Facts

  • “Houston” was the first word spoken by Neil Armstrong on the moon.

  • Population- 2,239,558 (2016 Estimate) .

  • Per Capita Income- $32,521.

  • Median Home Price- $185,500 .

  • Language- English, Spanish, Vietnamese, German, Mandarin, Urdu, and Chinese.


  • Great job market

  • Engaging Activities

  • Thriving economy

  • Low cost of living

  • Low taxes

  • A warm, sunny climate

  • Incredible food


  • Hot and Humid Climate

  • High traffic

  • High sales tax

Best Places to Live

City Population Median income Median home value Job market Education
The Woodlands 110,000 $51,000 $179,000 Construction, healthcare, retail Woodland College
Pearland 122,078 $52,000 $169,000 Construction, healthcare, retail Alvin Community College
West University Place 15,603 $58,400 $177,000 Retail, healthcare, construction Rice University
Montrose 26,939 $55,500 $161,500 Healthcare, hospitality, construction University of St. Thomas
Stafford 17,2067 $49,000 $155,600 Healthcare, retail, construction North American University
Clear Lake 84,540 $61,000 $170,000 Healthcare, hospitality, construction University of Houston- Clear Lake
Friendswood 39,319 $57,000 $146,000 Construction, healthcare, retail University of Houston- Clear Lake

Woodland is a master-planned community located in the North of Houston. The neighborhood is filled with about 6000 acres of greens spaces, miles of parks, biking, and walking paths. It is the best location for families who love to live in the suburbs and still enjoy city amenities.
Pearlandn Is one of the fastest-growing communities in Houston. It is close to downtown Houston and Texas Medical Center. It is also close to the University of Houston at Pearland, so you will find lots of academia in this area.
West University Place is also known locally as West U. It is a great place to purchase a home and raise a family. It is close to the popular Rice University and about 15 mins away from downtown Houston. It is also close to the Texas Medical Center and other amazing parks and museums.
Montrose is one of the biggest neighborhoods in Houston and great for live music and art lovers. Montrose is a thriving community with various tree-lined boulevards, a tattoo parlor, an art gallery, and a coffee shop.

Moving to Houston

Average Monthly Cost of Living

The cost of living in Houston is low compared to other cities in Texas. Although the cost of living of some items such as transport is high, in general, the average cost of living is fair.
Below is a detailed average cost of living in Houston compared to Texas Cities.

City Rent Utilities Groceries Transportation
Austin $1531 $145 from $299/person $96/METRO pass
Houston $1200 $156 from $250/person $90/METRO pass
San Antonio $1228 $178 from $296/person $38/VIA pass
Dallas $1223 $154 from $290/person $96/DART pass

Residential Property Task Rate

  • Austin: 2.22 percent of property value

  • Houston: 1.82 percent of property value

  • San Antonio: 1.82 percent of property value

  • Dallas: 1.69 percent of property value

  • Fort Worth: 2.18 percent of property value

  • Galveston: 2.01 percent of property value

  • Corpus Christi: 1.69 percent of property value

According to the above data, the residential property task rate in Austin is higher compared to other cities in Texas.

You Should Move to Houston If You Want A Home That is

  • Affordable living scenes

  • Navigate around the city

  • Designed to stay cool in hot weather

  • Spacious enough for your family

  • In a friendly neighborhood

  • Near excellent schools and universities

  • Near cultural and entertainment centers

  • Close to parks and lakes

Long Distance Moving Cost

Here is the cost of moving from other metro cities to Houston. However, there may be a little or large difference in the price.

  • From Los Angeles – $2,200-$4,000

  • From Seattle – $3,200-$5,500

  • From New York – $3,100-$6,100

  • From Chicago – $2,100-$3,300

  • From Florida – $3,000-$6,000

Moving to Houston

Cost of Doing Business in Houston

The cost of running a business in Houston is quite high. Below is the cost of living in Houston compared to other metro cities in Texas.

City Labor Utilities Taxes
Austin 103% 88% 0 to 81%
Houston 102% 111% 0 to 100%
San Antonio 88% 88% 0 to 100%
Dallas 99% 121% 0 to 71%


How is the Houston Job Market?

Houston is filled with various job industries like health services, education, manufacturing, professional business, and government service. So you have a long array of jobs to search from in these areas.

Should I live in the City or Suburbs?

Living in the city will give you access to various job options, considerable housing prices, and beautiful, entertaining scenes. Although houses within the loop are more demanding and expensive, the benefits outweigh these options .

What is the Best Transport Option in Houston?

Houston is not a very walkable city, thankfully, the public transport is improving. About 90 percent of residents own a vehicle and drive, for this reason, there is more traffic.


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