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Moving to San Antonio

San Antonio is situated in Texas, which is not far from the Mexican border line. This is a beautiful, diverse metropolis, which annually attracts thousands of tourists and people for permanent residence. Many of the visitors to the city are residents of other states and cities of the United States. San Antonio is distinguished by the presence in the territory of a large number of different nationalities, cultures, languages ​​and traditions. This is the only city in America that has preserved on its territory five ancient Spanish Catholic missions: San Jose, Espada, San Antonio de Valero, San Antonio de Valero and San Juan. They became a part of the National Park of the city.
Moving to San Antonio has become one of the most popular events of the last few years, which is not surprising given the hundreds of attractions and other interesting places to visit.The metropolis attracts the attention of Americans and people from abroad not only with its color, abundance of cultural and historical values, a combination of modern and traditional architecture, all kinds of entertainment, types of calm and active recreation, but also with affordable prices for living. That is why residents of other US cities, where the cost of utilities, rent, food is too high, decide to move to the mysterious, multifaceted and inspiring San Antonio with the help of Texas Moving USA.

Moving to San Antionio

living in san antonio

The city is one of the most popular and famous in the USA. It is the most visited place in the state of Texas and the 17th most popular tourist destination in the country. People are drawn to the city's sights, especially the Six Flags Fiesta theme park and The River walk, the city's most popular resort area. Among other distinctive features of san antonio texas it is worth noting the following facts:

  • it is the 7th largest city in the US;
  • the average cost of an apartment in the center per square meter is $95,000;
  • the average cost of an apartment not in the center for 1 square meter is 65 thousand dollars;
  • the average per capita income is $5,911;
  • population is 1,409,019 people;
  • local languages ​​- Spanish is the main one, there also are spoken English, Vietnamese and Chinese.
  • This is the latest data on the level, cost and features of life in San Antonio. So, if you're considering moving to San Antonio, consider this information and all the information below.


According to the results of the last census, 1,409,019 people live in the city. According to this indicator, it becomes the seventh city in the United States. Every year, the figure fluctuates in different directions, which is associated with the active relocation of Americans from more expensive states, like California to Texas, and, conversely, the departure of Texans to other states.


The climate is warm, because the city is located near the equator. The average temperature during the day is + 26°C and at night it is approximately + 16°C.
The best months when the weather is acceptable for living in temperatures are November, March and April. At this time, the temperature varies from +21 to +26 degrees Celsius. The least amount of precipitation is also observed during this period of the year. It rains only 7-9 days a month. 25.5-36.5 mm of precipitation falls. The sun shines 13-15 days a month.
The highest temperature is recorded in the city during the summer months and can reach up to +36°C.
It's coldest here in winter. The temperature is kept at + 13- + 16 degrees.
Most often it rains in April, May and September. Tourists who cannot stand the humidity are advised to visit the city in August, July and January.


This is a very safe place to live. As in any other US city, San Antonio has areas with a higher crime rate and there are areas where it is calm, quiet and as safe as possible. So, before you move there, you need to get acquainted with different areas, communicate with people who live in different parts of the city, study crime statistics in the city of San Antonio.

Some of the safest areas are:

  • Monte Vista
  • El Dorado
  • Olmos park
  • Northwood Oak Park
  • Alamo Heights
  • Turrell Heights
  • Tobin Hill

If we talk about the most dangerous areas of the city, then these are Nevada Street, Pecan Valley, East Terrell Hills, Villa de San Antonio and Cable Westwood. However, when moving, it is important to consider safety and security even before you find yourself in a new city or apartment, and we are talking about transporting your belongings. Local movers guarantee the provision of various types of moving services at the highest level.


San Antonio is located in the south of Texas. Namely it is considered to be one of the biggest cities in the United States of America. It is the county seat of Bexar County. This is the second largest city in Texas, which was ceded to Houston.


The city is the official administrative seat of Bexar County. It is located in south Texas. The county became part of the San Antonio-New Braunfels area. By the number of people living in its territory, Bexar ranks 16th in the United States and 4th in the state.
The predominant part of the population speaks Spanish - 59.3% of the inhabitants. In terms of population density, the county is the first in Texas and the third in the country.


San Antonio is in the UTC-5 (GMT-5) time zone. The difference with Kyiv is +8 hours.
In March, the population adjusts to daylight saving time, so the clocks are set one hour ahead. In November, the time is returned one hour back in connection with the transition to standard time.


If we trace the demographics for several hundred years, we can note great progress. For example, in 1850 the number of inhabitants of the city was 3,488 people. And for 2019, this figure increased by 1,547,253 people.
Over the next 3 years, the figures fell slightly to the mark of 1,409,019 inhabitants. Many Americans are constantly on the lookout for a better place to live in the United States, which is why they move both to and from Texas. This affects the constant fluctuations in the population in the cities of the state, especially in San Antonio.
As for race, in 2010 whites made up 72.6% of the total number of people living in the city. The remaining percentage was divided among themselves:

  • Hispanics - 63.2%;
  • non-Hispanic whites, 26.6%;
  • African Americans - 6.9%;
  • Asians - 2.4%.

In connection with the residence of people of different nationalities, different languages ​​are used on the territory of the city. Spanish is the main language of the population. They also speak Chinese, Vietnamese, German, English, Afrikaans. Therefore, a diverse population can be an additional plus for moving to San Antonio. You can improve your language skills with native speakers if you are passionate about languages.


Between ST Antonio Texas and Dallas, the direct distance is 407 kilometers, which is equal to 253 miles. If you get from one point to another by road, you will have to cover a distance of 441 km, or 274 miles. You can drive from one city to another in 5 hours. Interestingly, a cyclist will overcome the path on the roads if he moves without stopping in 22 hours. During this time, he will be able to spend about 120 thousand kilocalories. On foot, the road will take 3 days, if you go without stopping. But the dog will run this way faster than a man - in just 2 days.


Houston is located from San Antonio at a distance of 305 kilometers, which equals 190 miles. This is a straight-line route. If we take the roads, then you can get from one city to another along the highway with a length of 314 km or 195 miles. It takes 3 hours and 30 minutes to get there by car.
Interesting facts:

  • it takes 15 hours to ride a bike along the tracks, and during this time the athlete will spend almost 84.5 thousand kilocalories;
  • a hiker will cover the distance on the roads without stopping in 2 days;
  • his dog will run from one point to another in just a day.
  • The fastest way from Houston to San Antonio is by plane.

pros and cons of living in san antonio

Moving to San Antonio is a big step, even if you're just moving from one area to another because everything is different. You should always strive to ensure that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages in your situation. San Antonio is a city that can offer everyone the type of vacation and standard of living they are looking for. It has all the amenities for residents, great opportunities for employment, training and recreation. Life in the city is shrouded in an atmosphere of comfort, relaxation, ease. Life in san antonio texas usa can be quiet and peaceful or active and stormy. For each resident, there are conveniences that he can take advantage of, if there is a desire. But the city has a number of pluses and minuses that everyone who comes here for permanent residence receives.


San Antonio is a pleasant, cozy, sunny place in the USA, where people come to relax, work, settle down with a family and raise children. Not surprising, because the city has a lot of advantages over many other cities in America and the state, namely:

  • a prosperous economy;
  • favorable climate with a predominant number of sunny days;
  • developing labor market;
  • scenic areas;
  • affordable cost of living;
  • low taxes;
  • tasty food;
  • an abundance of attractions;
  • the presence of an embankment along the San Antonio River;
  • cheap public transport;
  • the benevolence of the population.
  • That is why the city is suitable for single men and women, as well as for couples in love and families with children.


    But the city is not without its shortcomings, like any other place in the world. But they are much less than advantages. Among the cons of San Antonio are:

  • the problem of smog in the city, which pollutes the air;
  • high traffic;
  • high air temperatures, especially in the summer months;
  • there are areas with a high crime rate.
  • Although in many other places in the United States, the climate is even warmer. For lovers of heat and sun, this weather will be ideal, but for people with high blood pressure or those who suffer from heat for other reasons, the climate of San Antonio may not be suitable. Therefore, carefully study the information above and make your list on the points already listed, whether moving to San Antonio will be so desirable and comfortable for you.

Best Places to Live in San Antonio

City Population Median income Median home value Job market Education
Downtown 22.923 $51,000 $179,000 Hospitality, healthcare, retail University of Texas in San Antonio
Tobin Hill 7,121 $52,000 $210,000 Hospitality, healthcare, retail San Antonio College
Alta Vista 2, 768 $58,400 $151,000 Retail, healthcare, hospitality San Antonio College
Beacon Hill 6,203 $47,500 $160,500 Retail, healthcare, hospitality Beacon Hill Academy
Alamo Height 8,374 $49,000 $155,600 Retail, healthcare, hospitality Alamo Community College
Castle Hill 4,447 $45,000 $160,000 Retail, healthcare, hospitality University of Texas Medical Branch
Monte Vista 3,000 $47,000 $146,000 Retail, healthcare, hospitality Trinity University

Downtown San Antonio is home to some of the young, energetic people in San Antonio. It is known to offer various entertaining sites, food scenes, gyms, nightlife, and culture. The area is filled with single-family homes and apartments .
Tobin Hill is a Culinary Mecca. It is known as one of San Antonio's hippest neighborhoods and is flooded with lots of young professionals. In Tobin Hill, you can check North St. Mary’s street for all the great shops and restaurants.
At AlterVista, you will find a blend of affordable apartments and homes. This neighborhood gives easy navigation of US Highway 281 and Interstate 10, giving you smooth access to the heart of the city.
Alamo Height has made the list as one of the best places to live in San Antonio. It is close to the north of Downtown. This area is very similar to Terrel Hill. It houses a lot of families because of the Alamo Heights School District. The houses there are a combination of old and expensive homes. So, if you're serious about moving to San Antonio, it may be in the areas listed above that you should look for the home of your dreams. And our task is to provide the most comfortable and safe transportation of all your belongings.


San Antonio is on the list of US cities with the lowest percentage of crime. It is ranked 8th in the ranking of the safest places to live in the country. Yes, there are areas outside the territory where the level of security is not high enough, thefts and other actions of intruders are observed, but even this percentage does not affect the rating of the city.
Serious crimes happen much less frequently here than in many other American cities. For those who plan to move to San Antonio for permanent residence and work, it will be useful to get acquainted with the best areas of the city, where it is safe, comfortable and cozy:

Monte Vista and Olmos Park

The area is located in the northern part of the city, not far from the center. This is convenient, as you can quickly get to the central part by private car or public transport. This is the famous and largest historical region of the country. There are many catering establishments on the territory, including the world-famous Taco Taco Cafe. The houses have interesting architecture. Many are made in the Victorian, Moorish style, and there are also pre-war style residences. Near the area is Olmos Park, which appeared back in the 1920s, so it has a rich history, diverse architecture and luxurious design.


This is the heart of the city, where you can see examples of original Spanish dwellings, as well as the settlements of the Spanish-speaking population. Variety of bars, shops, cafes and architecture. One of the most popular places to visit in the Central area is the River Walk and the second is the Alamo Mission. On the Market Square, or Mercado as the locals call it, there are a number of stylish boutiques, historical galleries. The Center also houses the famous Art Museum, which presents samples of Latin American works.

Alamo Heights

The area is located near the center closer to the north. This is a place that exudes a special charm, representing the ancient architectural and cultural sights of the city. There are many luxury boutiques and salons, chic, prestigious and expensive mansions, cafes and restaurants of the highest level. Even the trees in this place exude chic and style.


A dynamic area where life is in full swing from morning to night. It is located on the northern part of the San Antonio River. Especially popular here is the farmers' market and a complex of shops, restaurants, cafes, hotels, which are located on the territory of the former “Pearl” brewery. This is an eco-friendly area where you can buy vegetables and herbs "from the garden", fresh meat and dairy products.


Art area. It is interesting, exciting and there is always something to do, something to see. Many galleries, studios, various art compositions and creative complexes, examples of various architecture. The San Antonio Museum and the Art League are centers of aesthetics and pleasure for creative people in the Southtown area.


One of the coziest places in the city. People move here in search of peace and comfort. The area is great for families with children. In the area there is a general store, post office, various shops. A place called John T. Floore Country Store is valued for live music. World-famous stars such as Willie Nelson and Patsy Cline used to perform here. It also has its own winery, which produces over 30 types of alcoholic beverages.


In this place, you can get acquainted not only with cultural and architectural sights, but also go on an unforgettable gastronomic tour. This is the area where Tex-Mex cuisine originated with its exotic, spicy, savory dishes. There are many cafes and restaurants. The El Siete Mares restaurant is especially appreciated in the circles of local residents, which should not be missed by any tourist. The architecture is also interesting. The buildings are designed in the art deco style, and many houses feature paintings by local street artists.

Brackenridge Park

The area is suitable for recreation and living, both spouses without children, and families with children of different ages. In the area there is a part of the San Antonio River, the famous Witte Museum with huge exhibits of nature from different centuries, including dinosaurs. No less interesting to visit is the Japanese Tea Garden. This is a place where you can relax, get new emotions. Most importantly, visiting these places can become a program of every weekend, as such places will never get bored.

East Side

The area that has succumbed most to the influence of African American culture. There is a settlement of African Americans and even the first church for people with dark skin color was built. In the area there are interesting themed pubs, beer companies, cafes and street eateries.

Mission Parkway National Register District

Great for athletes or people who love sports, watch their figure, adhere to a healthy lifestyle. There are many paths for cyclists on the territory. Some of the Catholic missions of San Antonio, which have received UNESCO status, are also located here.

These are the most comfortable, safe and pleasant areas for living in the city. Rest assured that your moving to San Antonio experience will be nothing short of positive. If you would like to stay in a hotel for a while and look around in more detail before finally choice moving to San Antonio accommodation, we can also help. Choose a storage service for your belongings in a modern, climate-controlled warehouse.

Moving to San Antionio


To understand what the cost of living in San Antonio is, you need to consider the different services that you will need to pay for throughout your life. The overall picture can be drawn if we analyze the prices of food at home and outside the home, rent and purchase of housing, medical treatment, utility bills, gasoline, transport services.
For 2022, in a Texas city, the prices for basic foodstuffs are as follows:

  • 1 liter of milk - 3.41 dollars;
  • 0.5 kg of bread, a loaf - 1.66 dollars;
  • a kilo of sugar - 3.3 dollars;
  • 200 g of butter - 8.63 dollars;
  • kilogram of apples - 5, 77 dollars;
  • a liter of sunflower oil - 6.87 dollars;
  • a pack of medium quality cigarettes - $40.29;
  • 1 kg of chicken fillet - 17, 27 dollars;
  • 1 kg of sea fish - 20.9 dollars;
  • 1 kg of potatoes - 1.99 dollars.

To eat in a restaurant or cafe, you need to have approximately the following amount of money in your wallet:

  • $68 is the average check in a restaurant without drinks;
  • $26.58 is the average check at a fast-food restaurant;
  • $8.58 for a cup of espresso.

Medical services will cost:

  • $68 for a doctor's visit at a private clinic;
  • $ 81.58 you will have to pay if you want to do an ultrasound or x-ray;
  • $244.04 is the cost of a dental service for a filling or treatment of a single tooth.

Now let's go through utility bills:

  • $344.44 - repayment of monthly bills for electricity, heating, water, sewerage, air conditioning, garbage disposal. The calculation is made for housing with an area of ​​​​60 square meters. meters;
  • 30.25 dollars - for the Internet per month;
  • $23.98 – it is monthly cell phone bill.

For gasoline and transport, you need to pay:

  • 1.71 dollars - for travel in public transport. It can be a bus, tram, metro or trolleybus;
  • 12.11 - the average price for a taxi ride;
  • 1 liter of gasoline costs 2.53 dollars.

If you need to raise children, then parents will have to save $ 950 a month.
On average, the total cost of living in San Antonio is $6,200 per month, which is $74,400 per year.

Residential Property Task Rate

  • Austin: 2.22 percent of property value

  • Houston: 1.82 percent of property value

  • San Antonio: 1.82 percent of property value

  • Dallas: 1.69 percent of property value

  • Fort Worth: 2.18 percent of property value

  • Galveston: 2.01 percent of property value

  • Corpus Christi: 1.69 percent of property value

According to the above data, the residential property task rate in San Antonio is comparatively low.


As for housing, houses and apartments in the prestigious san antonio area will be more expensive than in family, quiet areas with simple architecture.
The average cost of renting a home is $1,000 per month, which works out to $12,000 per year. Away from the center you can find houses for a lower cost. Consider housing prices in more detail. Renting an apartment in San Antonio will cost:

  • from $1,688.7 - for a 1-bedroom apartment;
  • from $2,264.97 - for a 2-bedroom apartment;
  • from $2,906.59 - for a 3-bedroom apartment;
  • from 3,277.9 dollars - for an apartment with 4 bedrooms.

To rent a house, you will need the following amount of money:

  • from 1,908.51 dollars - for a house with an area of ​​​​50 square meters;
  • from 2,651.13 - for a house with an area of ​​100 square meters;
  • from 3,245.22 - for a house with an area of ​​150 square meters;
  • from 3,542.27 - for a house of 200 square meters;
  • from 4,136.36 - for a house with an area of ​​250 square meters.

As for the purchase of housing, a one-room apartment of 30 square meters will cost from 343,109.64 dollars, and a house of 50 square meters - from 482,735.79 dollars.


The city is famous for its summer festival Fiesta Noche del Rio. By tradition, it takes place on the waterfront of the San Antonio River. Guests are offered a lot of different entertainments, the main among which are flamenco dance lessons. This dance is considered a poignant mixture of fire-breathing passion and improvisation, enchanting music and polished dance moves.
It is also a city of spicy food. Everyone should try chili flavored dishes. A whole event is dedicated to this vegetable - an exhibition, in which every resident of San Antonio can take part.
As for the most popular and famous sights, this is the Alamo Fortress. It is a symbol of independence and is especially appreciated and honored by the inhabitants of the city.
Stars of music, cinema and sports were born and lived here. Everyone knows actor Jared Padalecki, who played Sam in Supernatural. By the way, in San Antonio there is a brewery of his co-star and good friend Jensen Ackles, who played the role of his brother Dean in the series.
The city is also the birthplace of director, screenwriter, composer, cameraman and producer Robert Rodriguez, as well as actress Michelle Rodriguez.
The city is also famous for its San Antonio Spurs basketball team, founded in 1976.
A favorite place for recreation among the residents of this city is the San Antonio River Walk - an embankment that stretches along the river. This is an area that is filled with restaurants, cafes, hotels, hotels, boutiques, souvenir shops, dance floors and nightclubs. This is a place where you never get bored. A special decoration was the original lighting, which makes the embankment especially fabulous at night.
Connoisseurs of beauty will not be able to pass by the McNay Art Museum, it is a museum of contemporary art.
The city has entertainment for everyone - for any type of leisure and for any budget.

Moving to San Antionio

Cost of Doing Business in San Antonio

Below is the cost of living in San Antonio compared to other metro cities in Texas.

City Labor Utilities Taxes
Austin 103% 88% 0 to 81%
Houston 102% 111% 0 to 100%
San Antonio 88% 88% 0 to 100%
Dallas 99% 121% 0 to 71%

Before moving to San Antonio, knowing prices and working out estimated monthly incomes will help you better budget your savings while you're looking for a job or starting your own business.


It is a safe city to live in, which is one of the key pros in its favor. It is equally important that there are many areas in the territory with different atmosphere and rhythm of life. This allows you to choose the most successful solution for a person who moves alone, an elderly couple, a family with children, newlyweds. You can choose an area with presentable, luxurious and expensive houses or choose an area with modest, cozy and cheap apartments.
Also, this place is suitable for living due to the sunny, warm climate. Although for people who like coolness more, such air temperatures may seem too high. But the sun shines here much more days a year than cloudy weather with showers.
As for the cost of living, it is average. In many other cities in the United States, prices are much higher, but there are also places where they will be lower. San Antonio is ideal because the average cost of living is harmoniously combined with its high level, comfortable conditions, a variety of leisure options and a lot of opportunities.
If in the end you have made the final decision to move, we will be happy to help you. San Antonio movers will pack your belongings securely and move them within a predetermined time frame. With us, your move is under complete control!


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