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Moving from Dallas to Houston

Dallas is a fantastic place to live. 240 miles south from the city, Houston is now one of the fastest growing cities in the US, which makes moving to Houston a very good decision. Most people move permanently there, seeking help from local movers. It has so much to offer… NASA, the Texas Medical Center, four performing arts companies, a thriving job market, diverse communities, great weather, and low cost of living. Houston attracts residents from around the world. Most of them It is the most populated city in southern US and the 4th most populated in the country.


Top Reasons for Moving to Houston from Dallas

The two cities are close. It will take you a little over 3 hours if you take the I-45 S. Though they are both fantastic places, but there is a long standing rivalry among them. There are however, some very good perks for staying in Houston. For instance, house prices in Houston cost 16% less than Dallas. There are many good restaurants, green spaces, and better employment opportunities.

Pros & Cons – Dallas Vs. Houston

  • Housing cost in Houston is 16% less than in Dallas
  • Dallas cost of living index is 101.6. It is 96.5 in Houston
  • Utilities, food, grocery, health costs… everything is cheaper in Houston
  • Many Fortune 500 companies in Houston
  • Strong job growth figures
  • Houston gets 53 inches of rain a year, Dallas 39 inches
  • Houston serves more than 220,000 students a year

Housing, Cost of Living

The median housing cost in Dallas is $214,700, while in Houston it is $185,500, which makes it $29,000 lower. Home prices have gone up in both the cities, but there have been higher increases in Dallas. Homes have appreciated by 62% in Dallas, but only by 42% in Houston. The rent price in both the cities is almost the same, though.
The cost of living in Dallas is 101.6. In Houston it is 96.5, which makes it lower than the national average. Which means, you will save money in Houston. Food and groceries is cheaper by 1%, health costs by 1.6%, and utilities by 3.5%.

Economy, Jobs

Dallas and Houston both have retail, agriculture, health care, energy, finance, and transportation businesses. Houston also has aerospace as it is the home of NASA. The city additionally has medical research and bioscience. The Texas Medical Center is the world’s largest medical complex. It is the largest single employer in Houston.
The tech and engineering sectors are also stronger here. The city is the headquarter of more Fortune 500 companies than anywhere else in the US except for New York.

Transportation, Traffic

The transportation modes and how long it will take you is about the same. 76% of the residents have their own cars, 11% take a carpool, and 4% use public transport. The commute time is also similar.

Weather, Climate

Dallas is a bit hotter in the summer and colder during the winter than Houston. They can both be hot and sticky. There is more rain in Houston as it is closer to the Gulf of Mexico. The city gets more hurricanes. However, there are many downtown underground walkways in Houston, which makes it more convenient for the pedestrians who want to avoid the heat, humidity, or rain.


Houston has excellent education infrastructure, which is why many students looking for a university come to study here. There are more than 20 colleges and universities in the city. Rice University is a leading research institute, while Texas Southern and Baylor College of Medicine are among the top places for learning.


A large section of the population is interested in relocation to Houston because it has advanced medical facilities, including the world’s largest medical center. Graduates from the world’s top medical schools come to the MedCenter and work at renowned hospitals like the MD Anderson Cancer Center. The city has many nationally ranked hospitals in specialty areas.


Houston is an amazing city for food lovers. The city has more than 10,000 eateries and restaurants. Cuisines from almost every country and culture makes its food scene diverse. You will find Italian, Indian, vegan, burgers, steaks, Chinese, and everything else. Many award-winning chefs have their restaurants.

Culture, Diversity, Demographics

In the last two decades, the population of Houston has grown by 16%. Dallas has seen a 9% growth. You will find people from all communities… whites, Hispanics, Asians, Africans, and Native Americans. The city has symphony orchestra, theater, opera, and a professional ballet group. It is accommodating, culturally and ethnically diverse.


Best Neighborhoods in Houston

Considering relocation to Houston? Here is a guide to some of the city’s best neighborhoods.

1. Braeswood Place – Close to the downtown, Braeswood has many parks, green spaces, and even shopping. It is very pleasant. You will find many condos, apartments, townhomes, and single-family homes here.

2. Clear Lake – One of the best places to live in the city. A suburb, many of the residents here work at the Lyndon B Johnson Space Center of NASA. The rent and cost of living are affordable. It has many small businesses and ethnic restaurants.

3. Memorial – Many of those who are moving to Houston prefer the Memorial neighborhood. It has beautiful parks and amenities like public schools and trendy eateries. Commuting to nearby business areas is easy.

4. Midtown – Around 13,700 people live in this historic neighborhood. Established during the late 1800s, it is now ethnically diverse and has many cafes, restaurants, bars, local businesses, and plenty of housing options. It stands out because of the restored Victorian architecture.

5. Montrose – West from Downtown, Montrose too is a historic neighborhood. It has an urban vibe. You will find many vintage single-family homes, apartments, condos, and townhomes. The Museum District is close. Many creative and artistic people live here.

6. Spring Branch – A suburb, Spring Branch is ethnically diverse with 36,000 residents. The home and rent price is affordable. It’s an excellent place for first time home buyers. It’s also a family-friendly area.

Dallas to Houston – Cost of Moving

On an average, relocation to Houston from Dallas will cost you between $1500 and $2500. Of course, the exact cost depends on many factors like the number of bedrooms, total tonnage, the time of the year of your move, and even the day of the week. The best way to get an accurate estimate is by scheduling a virtual or in-home walkthrough with our professional moving manager.
Texas Movers is a fully licensed and insured moving company in the state. We can move houses of all sizes, businesses, and commercial establishments. We do both local and long-distance moves. We have a fully trained team of movers and a well- maintained fleet of trucks.

How to Move from Dallas to Houston

Long-distance moves need a lot of preparations. There are so many things to consider that it can easily become overwhelming. You have to pack everything properly to make sure that your things don’t get damaged during the transit. Then you must load everything safely and book your transport. You are moving within the same state, but the logistics can still present many challenges.
You will save time, money, and energy when you hire a professional moving company like Texas Movers. Our professional team will take out the stress of your relocation to Houston. We can offer the full service and also store your prized possessions at our warehouse until you are ready to move them to the new address.


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