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Your Dream Eco-Friendly Service in Austin, Texas

We know how overwhelming moving can be, taking plenty of effort, time, money, and materials; it might make you reconsider if this is the right time to be moving in the first place. Even worse, the materials used for packing and fuel needed for moving can have a significant carbon footprint.
As an environmentally conscious person, this is precisely what you don’t want. And as eco-friendly movers , we understand that and fully support you with an eco-conscious approach. So, if you’re looking for an eco-friendly mover, sit back, and let us tell you all about Texas Movers and our green services.

About Texas Movers

We’re a company that offers full moving services. We have experience and provide excellent customer service. Not to mention, our crew is bonded and licensed. Our services are available in Houston , Austin , San Antonio , and Dallas metro regions.
At Texas Movers, our goal is to make moving safe, smooth, stress-free, and as environmentally friendly as possible. So, contact our representatives to book our moving services fast!

Texas Moving USA Team

What Makes an Eco-Friendly Moving Company

Before we delve into our eco-conscious services, let’s establish what we mean by a green moving company. Simply put, the goal of an eco-friendly moving service is to reduce the adverse impacts of moving on the environment.
That means more efficiency and less waste. It also means using sustainable materials, recycling and reusing supplies, and supporting eco-friendly initiatives, among other methods, which we’ll tackle shortly.

Why Hire an Eco-Friendly Moving Company

The reason is we understand our responsibility towards our clients and the planet, so we want to do our part by reducing our carbon footprint. But let’s unpack what that entails:

1. Emitting Cleaner Air

By switching to eco-friendly fuel solutions for our trucks, we don’t release harmful pollutants into the air. In short, a green service means cleaner air.

2. Consuming Fewer Supplies

A green moving box company is conscious when it comes to packing supplies, so we do everything in our power to reduce our carbon footprint. To illustrate, we use recycled, reusable, and used supplies. Also, the company’s innovative solutions reduce the number of needed supplies altogether.

3. Accessing Local Donation Sites

If you’re working with eco-conscious movers like us, they’ve probably established connections with local charities. So, you can ask them to direct you to a donation center. This way, someone else can use your furniture, clothes, appliances, and so on.
This way, they won’t end up in landfills. You can also ask if there’s an option for the service to drop off the donated items at a local charity.

4. Maintaining Social Responsibility

A respectable moving company pays its workers a solid living wage, and that’s especially true for green companies. At Texas Movers, we value human life, so we treat and pay our team well.

Why Hire an Eco-Friendly Moving Company?

Our Initiatives for an Eco-Friendly Move

Down below are some eco-friendly solutions that we may use in moving.

1. Special Boxes

If you’re looking up “cheap boxes for moving near me”, you’ve come to the right place. Sustainable packaging is attracting more attention because there’s more awareness about the long-term consequences of regular packaging.
For example, plastic grocery bags and water bottles are thrown into oceans or landfills, choking ocean life and poisoning stray animals. The ramifications are too many to count, but the point is that recyclable and reusable moving containers are vital.
At Texas Movers, we offer a variety of box types as part of our packing services , so here’s a breakdown:

Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard is 100% recyclable , so it’s safe to use for packing. At Texas Movers, we provide you with cardboard boxes in various sizes. We’re talking small, medium, large, and extra-large moving boxes.
And because the moving process isn’t just about us but also you, we encourage you to recycle your moving boxes. Otherwise, you can reuse them or check if your friends or neighbors need moving boxes. Libraries and local schools might need them too. This way, we can work collectively to ensure that these boxes don’t end up in landfills.
Nevertheless, cardboard’s production is wasteful of global resources. To demonstrate, around 90% of shipped items in the U.S are put in cardboard boxes . Not to mention, the pulp and paper industry is number 5 on the list of the biggest energy consumers and is responsible for 4% of global energy use.
So, while it’s certainly good that cardboard is recyclable, you should probably explore other options as well and not depend on it for all your packing.

Reusable Plastic Bins

Plastic packing boxes are also an option. So, we might drop off these plastic bins for moving so that you can pack, move, and unpack. Afterward, we come back to pick up the rentable moving boxes. This isn’t only eco-friendly, but it’s also efficient because you don’t have to break down the reusable moving boxes or take them to the recycling bin.
Furthermore, these plastic containers for moving seal themselves without adhesives. Accordingly, you won’t need clear packing tape or adhesives that end up in the trash.

Tote Boxes

At Texas Moving, we offer reusable eco-moving totes for your packing. These are solid carbon-free solutions, quality packing supplies, and eco-friendly shipping boxes. By using tote boxes, you help decrease the consumption of trees and the amount of carbon dumped in landfills.

Wardrobe Boxes

Wardrobe boxes are excellent reusable containers. So, you can use our wardrobe boxes to empty your wardrobe closet and pack your clothes.

2. Eco-Conscious Trucks

At Texas Movers, we use trucks that don’t pollute the ecosystem, and we’ll explain how.

1. Using Biodiesel Fuel

Our trucks run on biodiesel fuel, as it burns cleaner and lightens our carbon footprint . Biodiesel fuel is made of vegetable oils, animal fats, recycled grease, algae, and other natural renewable sources, which renders it biodegradable and non-toxic.
Alternatively, regular moving services have trucks that operate on diesel fuel, an outdoor air pollutant that produces toxic and harmful byproducts. If you want to know just how harmful this is, these trucks burn 22 pounds of carbon dioxide per gallon. So, it’s safe to say that they contribute to climate change significantly.
Not to mention, the California Air Resources Board claims that diesel fuel increases cancer risks in California . Also, diesel particulate matter is partially responsible for asthma attacks, other respiratory issues, and over 2000 premature deaths.

2. Reducing Fuel Consumption

By reducing fuel consumption, the moving box company can minimize its carbon footprint and get your moving boxes delivered, which is achievable with several green methods .
Firstly, the most straightforward one is that we take the fastest and most direct routes, meaning that our drivers avoid traffic snarls and any streets with construction work if they can.
Also, we move your belongings in fewer trips, thanks to our trucks of different sizes. To elaborate, our smallest size is suitable if you have a studio with one bedroom. Then, our medium-sized truck is ideal for apartments with 1 to 3 bedrooms and office spaces.
As for apartments of over 3 bedrooms and office spaces, we have huge trucks for that. This way, we make fewer trips, consume less fuel, and get you settled in less time!
Secondly, our eco-friendly moving service might use battery-powered curbside lifts so that the truck doesn’t need to keep running when it isn’t in motion. Instead, we can turn it off, save our fuel, and use the lift gates simultaneously.
Thirdly, in-house weigh stations can be a lifesaver because trucks don’t have to waste biodiesel by making additional trips off-site. With government-regulated weigh stations, on-site weigh scales eliminate the need to drive extra miles to weigh shipments in case of long-distance moves. It saves biodiesel, time, and money.

3. Less Paper Use

Because moving isn’t just about the big things, such as recycled moving supplies and vehicles, we go as far as to reduce the needed paperwork so that we don’t waste paper. Hence, our contracts and quotes are paperless.
Instead, you can call us at (737) 377-2171, or you can fill out our online form to get a free quote. This way, the process saves you paper, time, and effort. Also, feel free to use our online calculator if you want an estimate of the price for long-distance moving.

4. Less Bubble Wrap

We might use bubble wrap to pack fragile objects. However, we make use of other rental moving supplies, thus using less bubble wrap. That’s because it’ll be hundreds of years before bubble wrap decomposes and because you can’t recycle it.
In comparison, oxo-biodegradable bubble wrap or eco-bubble makes for an excellent green alternative. Eco-bubble is made of Polycell, which degrades and decomposes with UV light, oxygen, and, possibly, heat. Also, the oxo-biodegradable bubble wrap decomposes into water, carbon dioxide, and under 1% natural biomass.
At Texas Movers, we rely on furniture pads, glass dish protection packs, moving blankets, mattress and furniture covers, protection foams, and other reusable moving supplies .
With such rent moving supplies, we ensure that your valuables are safe and your furniture is unscratched. Of course, the best part is that we do it without using up tons of bubble wrap, thus reducing the amount of trash.

5. Green Storage Facility

We believe storage facilities can make a difference. Typically, storage spaces are split into storage rooms with doors, but these aren’t exactly necessary, and they’re wasteful. Not to mention, hallways and driveways usually go unused.
Otherwise, a storage space with green features only charges clients for the space they need. They might also have additional windows and skylights to make use of natural light rather than consume electricity.
Ultimately, green storage warehouses aren’t only good for the environment, but they’re also beneficial to the client because they probably pay less for an eco-friendly mover than they would’ve otherwise.

Dream Eco-Friendly Service in Texas

Why Hire Texas Movers

Having covered our environmentally friendly methods, we still haven’t discussed what makes Texas Movers a top-notch moving service. So, here are some factors:


We have tons of experience , so you can trust that our movers know how to pack your belongings or office tools. They have the know-how that enables them to handle electronics, glassware, and everything else appropriately, eliminating any damage risks.

2. Time Saving

We value your time , so you can rest assured that our crew will arrive on time and that we won’t hold you back. Additionally, we can pick up your rent boxes for moving any day of the week. That’s because moving is already stressful and you probably already have an endless to-do list, so we don’t want to add to the pressure.

3. Good Reputation

If you have any doubts, feel free to check the reviews of our clients . Speaking of clients, we’ve worked with Apple, Dropbox, eBay, Sony, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Sephora, and many more high-profile clients . That was all possible with our 100% satisfaction guarantee and excellent customer service.

4. Diverse Services

No matter what your moving circumstances are, we can help you. Our diverse services include local moving in Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston. But we also conduct long-distance moves from those regions.

In addition, we have storage units of multiple sizes so that we can keep your excess furniture safe if you’re downsizing. And of course, our services are available for apartments and office spaces . Last but not least, we conduct full packing, partial packing, unpacking, and other services.

Why Hire Texas Movers

Book Our Services

Now that you know everything there’s to know about our top-notch services and eco-friendly initiatives, what are you waiting for? You can dial our number: (737) 377-2171 or email us at [email protected]. Otherwise, you can fill out our online form , and one of our friendly movers’ representatives will contact you and give you a free quote!


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