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Moving Tips For Seniors | Movers for Seniors in Texas

The moving process can give anyone a headache. Because the entire process can go awry no matter how much preparation you put into it, moving is always accompanied by stress and frustration. Imagine how things would feel like for senior customers. The human body’s physical capacity decreases with age, and vulnerability to mental factors like stress increases.
This is why professional long-distance moving companies have created a separate moving service for seniors that contain all the necessary solutions for a smooth and stress-free move. If your loved one is moving to a new home, here is a guide of things you can do to make the transition easier.

Moving Senior Tips

Tip #1: Always Look For Senior Moving Services

A lot of people don’t know that there are separate moving services for seniors. And since they’re the ones who call the moving company on behalf of their loved ones, the moving company is unaware that the actual client is a senior citizen until much later. Most of the time, the client simply asks for moving services and avails of all the add-ons such as packing, unpacking, and storage to make the move easier for their loved one.

What they don’t know is that if you avail of senior moving services, you can have all the ancillary moving services at a lower cost. Many companies offer services, such as senior discount movers, which contain all add-ons at a reduced price because the client is a senior. When talking to a moving company for the first time to get your estimate, make sure to mention that you are calling on behalf of your elderly loved one and ask if they have custom moving services for senior citizens.

Tip #2: Downsize Before The Big Day

Downsizing before the big day not only means you pay less for moving and packing , it also means there’s less to worry about for your elderly loved one. Regardless of whether your loved one is moving into a new home on their own or is moving into an aged care home, chances are they can’t take all their possessions with them.

Of course, just because these items can’t be taken to their new home doesn’t mean they’re not valuable to them. Usually, our elderly loved ones collect items over the years that are dear to their heart. The last thing you want is for them to worry about parting with their beloved items or stressing about damaging or losing them. Before the big day, you can organize items and mark some for disposal or donating. You can also segregate some items to be kept in storage if your elderly loved one still wants to keep them.

Tip #3: Book Your Move in Advance

The worst thing that can happen to a move, especially if the client is a senior, is rushing through the preparation phase. Rushing the process forces your loved ones to make decisions on the go without the opportunity to properly think about them first, which can make the process more stressful for the client.

If you can, book your move well in advance, around two months or more. Longer preparation times mean your loved one can take it easy and go through the transition in a relaxed and calm phase.

Tip #4: Celebrate the Move

For a lot of young, working adults, moves are more practical and less emotional. However, for our elderly loved ones, a move may make them feel more emotional, and that is okay. You may think it’s better if the move goes accordingly with as little emotion as possible, but there’s nothing wrong with reliving the memories and celebrating the move. Don’t worry that this will cause emotional stress for your loved ones; it helps them adjust to their new home better.

Remember to take a lot of pictures of the old home. You can start packing items before the big day and reminisce about the old days with your loved ones while packing photo albums and other sentimental items. If you have the time for it, throw a party for your loved one to celebrate the move. Invite friends and family to the occasion to make the process a more positive experience.

Tip #5: Make Arrangements for Your Loved Ones on Moving Day

Once you iron out all the details with your apartment moving company , the next thing to worry about is how to get your elderly loved one to their new home safe and sound. You can choose to drive them to their new home, or you can always commute. No matter what mode of transportation you choose, you have to make the necessary preparations to make travel time stress-free for your loved ones. Here are some things you need to consider:

  • Are you accompanying them on the trip? If not, is there someone else who will accompany them?
  • If they’re commuting to the new location, will there be enough breaks and stops? Seniors have a weaker bladder and will need the restroom more often.
  • Do they have comfortable seating? Does the bus, train, plane have special services for seniors?
  • If you are commuting, you should plan out your route carefully. Choose a route with less traffic and a lot of stops.

Tip #6: Allow Your Loved Ones to be Involved in the Process

We want the process to be a lot easier for our loved ones, but the truth is, elderly folks, don’t like feeling useless. Remember, this is their moving date. They’re moving to a new home and making a big change in their life. It makes them feel helpless if they don’t feel like they are part of the process.

Make sure to involve your loved ones in the decision-making process. Don’t make them feel as if they have no voice and no control over what happens. When looking for moving companies, involve them in the process. If they can manage it, it’s okay if they

Once you talk to several companies, you can sit down with your loved one and decide which local moving company to hire together. Any decision you make affects their lives, so make sure to ask for their permission first before making a move. If they want to start packing items, it’s okay to do so, even if your service includes moving and packing. Sometimes packing, if done at a relaxed and calm pace, is therapeutic for people about to move out.

Tip #7: Be Understanding of Any Outbursts

The stress of the process of moving, plus the stress of moving into a completely different environment, can frustrate any healthy adult. For elderly people, the effects are magnified by the fact that they will have more memories to leave behind. In general, elderly people are slower to adjust to a new environment than younger people, and this frustration will manifest itself in different forms.

The best you can do is be understanding of the emotional roller coaster your loved one is going through. One minute they might be withdrawn and silent, and the next, they might regale you with never-ending stories of the past. They may snap at you or burst into tears suddenly. Allow them to deal with the emotions while they’re still at their old home surrounded by family who loves them. The worst thing that can happen for your loved ones is that they keep their feelings bottled up inside. This will only exacerbate the loneliness that they will eventually feel once they’re settled into their new home.

Tip #8: Give Them Time to Adjust if Allowed

If your loved one is moving into a retirement home, chances are you won’t be allowed to stay with them. However, they will be surrounded by potential new friends and home care professionals, so the transition will likely be more manageable. However, if they’re moving into a smaller home on their own, they might feel lonely and lost during the first few days.

If this is the case, you can ask them if they want you to stay for the first few days while adjusting to their new home. If they accept, you can accompany them for the first few days and help them get settled in. Make the transition process a happier one by helping your loved one arrange and organize items in the new home. Go around the neighborhood and introduce yourself to the neighbors. You can even throw a housewarming party so that once you leave, you know that your loved one is in great hands.

Hiring a Professional Senior Moving Company

The best way to make the move a happier and easier time for your elderly loved one is to hire a reputable senior moving company that offers quality and affordable services and exercises a friendly and caring demeanor towards customers. Nowadays, many shady moving companies prey on older people because they are usually seen as more trusting, making them easy targets. Assist your loved ones in the process of finding a good senior moving assistance service to make sure you start things off on the right foot.


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