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Are you moving to Dallas, Texas, or at least thinking about moving there? Well, get in line! According to the latest U.S. Census, the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolis led the country in nominal population growth from 2019 to 2020, adding another 120,000 residents.

Dallas is a great city to live in and grow in. But you must have a lot of questions before moving. What will it cost to live there? How is employment there? Where should I live? Etc. While relocating can be stressful, and overwhelming.
What if we say that moving to Dallas could be your life's brightest and easiest decision? To do this, you just need to find a reliable team that will take on absolutely all the difficulties of moving.

Texas Movers have you covered! This Dallas moving guide will answer all of your questions. Plus, you will know what local mover and long-distance moving company you should call when it's time to move. And that's us here at Texas Movers! Let's get started.

Dallas is a city in the United States, which is located in the famous cowboy state of Texas and is located on the Trinity River. Around it there are always a lot of different stories, legends, narrations, some of which formed the basis of books and films. Today, the city is visited by an increasing number of tourists in order to personally visit the places where the tragedy of a national scale occurred in 1963 – namely it was the assassination of American President John F. Kennedy. This event made the city one of the most popular in the country. But not only thousands of tourists visit Dallas every year. About 400 people have moved here every month since 2016. Most of them are residents of other states of America who are truly in search of a better life.


Why do they choose Dallas Texas? Let's try to analyze the situation in detail and give an answer to this exciting question.


Dallas is one of those US cities that has had a huge impact on American popular culture. Society recognized it as a city, as such, which has prospects for emigrants. Take at least the world-famous football club "Dallas Cowboys" or the TV series "Dallas". And the most interesting thing is that this place gained its popularity in less than two centuries. This is a young city founded in 1846 and named after the 11th Vice President of America, George Dallas.
Want to know how big is Dallas? Despite its "youth" it is a large city. And it stretched in the state of Texas for 997.1 square kilometers, of which land got 88 square kilometers, and the water occupied only 110 square kilometers. So, the land is distinguished by an abundance of meadows, fields, various plants and greenery. The city part and the surrounding area is a plain. But the largest river of the city of Trinity crosses its center. One of the most favorite vacation spots for Dallasians is White Lake.


Dallas TX is located in the northeast of the state. It is the county seat of Dallas County. Parts of it extend right into Rockwall, Denton, Collin and Kaufman counties.


The last recorded population of Dallas was 1,257,676. The city took the 9th position in the ranking of the most populated cities in the United States. There are 1561 places in the list of the most densely populated cities.
The national composition is diverse:

  • Bank of the West
  • Mexicans are the majority of the population;
  • White people;
  • African Americans;
  • Spaniards.

Most visitors stay in suburban areas, where there is a clash of antiquity and modernity, combination of city and nature. Tourists are also attracted by a variety of cultural centers, clubs, park areas and other attractions. Thus, when the local movers manage to take you to your new home, you will replenish the population of the city and the state as a whole. It is against racial discrimination so that you will feel 100% comfortable.


This city is located in the tornado region zone. Namely, this is the prairie zone of the Midwest. Thus, strong storms often occur in the city. The reason for this is the meeting of cold winds coming from Canada and moist, warm air masses heading from the Gulf of Mexico. They meet over the territory of Dallas. As a result, residents of the city are often faced with aggressive weather conditions, which are accompanied by hail, downpours, lightning and even tornadoes.
The city receives up to 750 mm of precipitation per year. It is especially rainy here in spring.
Basically, the climate is characterized as subtropical humid, but in summer, due to the appearance of dry hot winds that come from the North-West, the summer is extremely hot – temperature raises up to +40 degrees Celsius. In winter, cold air masses come to the city, which is why sometimes the weather can give a zero reading on the thermometer. Although winters in Dallas are warm, more often these are positive temperatures up to +20 degrees Celsius. As you can see, the weather in Texas may surprise you, but it will not be an unpleasant circumstance to put off your move. Moving to Dallas with our company guarantees quality and fulfillment of all obligations, regardless of the weather - too hot, rainy, or frosty.


The distance between Texas Dallas and Fort Wayne is 30 miles or 48 kilometers. You can get from one city to another by car or bus in less than 1 hour. Interestingly, a bike without stopping can cover this distance in 3 hours, and on foot you will have to spend 9 hours on the road, nevertheless you can admire the scenery along the way.


The distance between cities amounted to 685 miles. This is about 1102 kilometers. It takes 3 hours and 30 minutes to drive from downtown Houston to downtown Dallas, TX.


Comparing the cities of Dallas and Austin, we can draw the following conclusions:

Dallas Austin
Population density person/sq. km. 1358 3300
The cost of renting a 1-room apartment 1500 dollars 2000 dollars
Airports 2 1
Bicycle sharing system Available Not available
Number of museums 25 10
Drinking alcohol in public places It is possible It is forbidden
Average maximum temperature 25°C 27°C

In Dallas, TX, compared to the city of Austin, the cultural sphere and the transport industry are better developed, but the crime rate is also higher.


Dallas is a big city. The level of crime in various parts of it is different. Although the statistics are disappointing, because this city is on the first list of the most criminal cities in the United States. This is especially true for the southern part, where the ancient architecture and houses are preserved to a greater extent. Although since 2003 the crime rate has been declining markedly, which is already good news.


Pros and Cons of Moving to Dallas

While Dallas, Texas, is a hotspot city to live in right now, it's always important to weigh the pros and cons before making a move. Moving to a new city is a big deal, and if you're moving to a house, you need to be prepared for the possibility of living there long-term. With the housing market, you truly never know what could happen. Moving to Dallas is a big decision that is fairly easy to make. It is enough to order all the necessary range of services – packaging, loading, transportation, unloading, storage, etc. However, after analyzing all the advantages and disadvantages of not the move itself, but living there, this decision should be weighed. So, let's take a look at what current residents say are the biggest cons and pros of living in Dallas.

Cons of Moving to Dallas:

  • Cost of living - while it's not as expensive as New York or Miami, it's not cheap either. With rising prices of housing, it will create more demand and increase the cost of living.

  • Traffic - this may be one of the biggest complaints about the Dallas area. It is very congested with traffic. With it being one of the largest metropolitan cities in the country, you will suffer from the traffic.

  • Public transportation - Dallas isn't a very walkable city, and public transport is not reliable. They have the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART), but it's mostly for tourist areas.

As you can see for yourself, the pros are more attractive and reflect exactly what people want when planning to change their lives. Therefore, if you decide to change the location, Dallas Movers will be happy to help you.


The first moment people think about when moving to a new city is prices. You need to understand how much per month you will need to pay for utilities, for rent, or what savings you need to have in your personal account in order to buy an apartment in a new place. We understand the prices in Dallas, Texas, in order to understand whether this place is right for you or not.
The average rental prices per month are as follows:

  • 1-room apartment in the center - $800;
  • 1-room apartment in county areas - $650;
  • 2-rooms apartment in the center - $ 1,300;
  • 2-rooms apartment in county areas - $950.
  • If you decide to buy a home in Dallas, TX, USA, then you should understand that for a square meter in the city center they will ask from 3 thousand dollars, and outside the city - 1200 thousand dollars .
    If we compare the prices for buying a home in Dallas with such cities as London, Dubai, Sydney, New York, Los Angeles, then they are much cheaper in the Texas city.
    The cost of food in Dallas is as follows:

  • takeaway food from a cafe - 3-5 dollars;
  • dinner in a restaurant - 10-20 dollars;
  • a kilo of beef - 6-17 dollars;
  • 12 eggs - 2 dollars;
  • a loaf of bread - 2-3 dollars;
  • liter of milk - up to 1 dollar.

A bottle of beer costs about 1-3 dollars in a supermarket and 3-7 dollars in a pub, and a bottle of wine from a store costs from 8 to 13 dollars.
As for utility bills, per month for an apartment of 85 square meters you will have to pay:

  • About $170 for heating, water and electricity, and garbage collection.
  • Mobile communication - 1-3 dollars.
  • Internet, cable TV - $60.
  • And the good news about taxes, both federal and state: there are none in Dallas! Now, moving to Dallas sounds beneficial, doesn’t it?


Everyone who is in Dallas for the first time should definitely visit several interesting places in the city. Although even many residents of Dallas Texas city have not yet had time to visit some of them. It is worth correcting this omission. So, the following places in Dallas are recommended for a mandatory visit:

  • Dealey Plaza Hotel. And no, this is not about staying in a hotel room. You need to go up to the sixth floor to visit the museum and learn about the story of the death of John F. Kennedy.
  • Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden. It is especially cool to visit these places during the festival, concert or excursion, which are often organized there.
  • Dallas World Aquarium. If you want to see the underwater world in its relative miniature, then you should visit this place. There are even sharks here!
  • Dallas Zoo. Here you can see over 2 thousand representatives of the animal world, which live in more than 400 habitats.
  • Wichita Falls and House of Kell. Everyone who likes cultural and entertainment programs will like it.

Personally, tourists who have visited all of these attractions speak especially brightly of the sixth-floor museum at the Dealey Plaza Hotel. They say that in this place you can feel the atmosphere of the 1960s, see the very silhouette of the shooter - Oswald's killer and understand how the shots were fired. You feel goosebumps, right? And everyone is captivated by an excursion to Wichita Falls and the Kell House, where you can see ballet and theater performances, visit numerous museums and art galleries.
It is not surprising that many tourists think about moving to Dallas after visiting all the above places. After all, living in a place with hundreds of beautiful places to visit is great.


Dallas is a big city, divided into districts. There are a lot of them and they are all divided into luxury, mid-price and budget places. To study the features of each, you will have to spend some time. In the meantime, you can get acquainted with the best areas of dallas texas and these are:

  • Bishop Arts – there you can take excursions, swim in the pond or have a delicious meal.
  • Preston Hollow is an elite area of ​​the city. Suitable for those who want to buy premium housing.
  • Lake Highlands is a family area that has everything you need for a life for couples with children.
  • Bishop's arts district – there you can notice an abundance of pubs, restaurants, shops. It is noisy here at night, so it is better to come to this place to have fun, but not to live.
  • Deep Ellum - connoisseurs of beautiful music - jazz and blues - will definitely like it here. The area is also famous for its eateries, shops and festivals.

To understand which area of ​​dallas tx to move to, you should familiarize yourself with each option.


The following are the TOP 10 places in Dallas with a high level of development, which are suitable for singles and couples in love, as well as for families with children:

  • City center. The cost of living in the central part is an order of magnitude lower than in other parts of Dallas.
  • Uptown Dallas is very beautiful here. The cost of living is average. There are all the necessary amenities and entertainment, as well as many free work vacancies.
  • Bishop Arts District is the cultural part of the city. The cost of living is average there.
  • Oak Lawn is beautiful, inexpensive housing in old buildings, there is an abundance of shops and catering establishments.
  • University Park is an affluent neighborhood that promises a peaceful life for its residents.
  • Lakewood - if you want to see how modernity harmoniously combines with antiquity, then in Texas Dallas you need to visit or settle in this area. There are many active types of entertainment.
  • Preston Hollow is a place for rich people. You can often see celebrities here.
  • Highland Village - there are job opportunities. The standard of living is above average.
  • Roanoke is suitable for families with teenage children. There are excellent educational institutions with reasonable prices.
  • Southlake - there are many jobs, it is beautiful and there are many cultural and entertainment programs.

Now you know where you can move to permanent residence in Dallas, TX. You can choose absolutely any building of any height, as it will not become an obstacle for your moving to Dallas. Our team will cope with any height, the main thing is to specify the floor when ordering.


Sports fans probably know that Dallas is a sports city. It was here that four popular sports teams appeared, which became known to the whole world:

  • Dallas Stars - hockey.
  • Dallas football team.
  • Dallas Cowboy - American football.
  • Dallas Mavericks - basketball

And actor Stephen Tobolowski lives in Dallas, who played in such cult films as Groundhog Day, Freaky Friday, The Time Traveler's Wife.
If you're lucky, you can meet comedian Jeff Dunham in the city.
Sometimes the actor Owen Wilson, known for the films Marley and Me, Wild Adventures in London, Night at the Museum, visits his native land, where he was born and raised.

Where to live in Dallas

Dallas neighborhoods are just as diverse as the population. All neighborhoods are great areas to live in.


This is a popular urban living choice for the young. You'll be within walking distance of businesses, restaurants, and nightlife. North, Northwest, Northeast, Far Northeast, Far North- As the names suggest, this is the northern area of Dallas. It's a little bit of a break from the busy downtown area. These neighborhoods are residential suburb style.

South, Southeast

These neighborhoods are dominated by Fair Park, where the Texas State Fair is every year. However, these areas are noted as the more dangerous neighborhoods in Dallas.



One of the most popular surrounding cities is Fort Worth. It's ranked the 12th largest and one of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S., with more than 800,000 residents.

This city holds a historical wild west identity. Quite different from the modern architecture in Dallas. You'll feel like a cowboy in this city. It's full of fun, exciting things to do, and you're still so close to Dallas so that you can visit whenever.


If you decide to move to Dallas, TX or San Francisco, then the following pros and cons will greatly help you make your choice faster:

  • San Francisco is windy and cool most of the year, while Dallas is warm and sunny most of the time;
  • There are many animals in San Francisco that can be seen on the streets of the city or on the coast, which is not in such abundance in Dallas;
  • San Francisco has many homeless people, but there is really less crime than Dallas;
  • San Francisco receives thousands of migrants each year, while Dallas is dominated by out-of-state Americans;
  • Housing in San Francisco is many times more expensive than in Dallas.

San Francisco is one of the most beautiful, stylish, luxurious cities in the United States, but if the financial side of life becomes a priority for moving, then you should choose Dallas. The absence of taxes is another feature of Dallas, whatever one may say.


Not infrequently, visitors from Los Angeles become residents of dallas, texas. There are many reasons for moving. The main ones are the abundance of homeless people on the streets of LA, overpopulation, which makes it difficult to find decent housing and work, and many hours of traffic jams form on the roads. People also leave LA and move to Dallas because living in the latter place is cheaper. Los Angeles is considered the "city of dreams" and a dream comes at a cost. So, there you have to give a lot of money for everything, whether it's food, housing or entertainment. And the city is becoming more and more dangerous due to the expansion of criminal organizations in the city and an increase in the percentage of robberies.


New York is the largest city in America. It is a place where business flourishes, technology develops and innovations are created. This is a city of freedom, career and skyscrapers. If you do not have a steel core inside, talent, the will to win and initial capital, you are unlikely to stay long in this city. Many people simply cannot stand such an active rhythm of life, lack of rest and personal life. Plus, expensive and very expensive housing, because the standard of living in the city is expressed in everything! These are the key reasons why many New Yorkers move to live in Dallas with its calm pace of life and relatively low housing prices.


To understand if Dallas Texas city is right for you to live, it is worth considering the main reasons for moving to this place. Moving to Dallas is essential, and we understand the concern you may feel due to this decision. So, let’s investigate more. And here they are:

  • There is a constant economic growth of the country.
  • There are always vacancies.
  • Affordable standard of living.
  • There are no taxes in accordance with the law.
  • Developed and high-quality educational system.
  • Sunny weather without snow.
  • Many prospects for expats in terms of work.
  • Developed cultural and entertainment sphere.
  • Friendly attitude of the local population.
  • Ease of moving by car between cities and regions.
  • Life in Dallas, TX, USA is a lot of entertainment, affordable prices for really good housing, utilities and food, free jobs and warm weather almost all year round, those are the moments that really attract. After all, each of us wants to live comfortably and well. Therefore, in order for moving to Dallas to be as memorable and wonderful, take care of the safety of your belongings. Our team uses eco-friendly packaging and has vast experience in proper packaging and shipping, so feel free to contact us to discuss details.

Moving to Other Texas Cities

Suppose you are looking for a different major city in Texas. Well, you're in luck because there is plenty!


Located only 196 miles, you can get to Austin from Dallas in just three hours. Austin is like Dallas in many ways; bustling nightlife, job opportunities, and downtown urban feel.


You can get from Dallas to Houston in under three and a half hours. It's only 239 miles away. Houston is the largest city making it more diverse and a variety of businesses and restaurants.

San Antonio

A four-hour car ride, and you're in San Antonio from Dallas. It's an American dream living here—cheap real estate, lower taxes, a small-town feel, and extensive city amenities.


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