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What is the best time of the year to move?

Choosing a time to move is something that shouldn't be entered into lightly. Some of us have the luxury of deciding the time of our moves, but others might not be so lucky. If you're planning on moving from your apartment before the lease runs out (breaking the lease, essentially), you might be legally liable to pay the owner for the loss of income. If, however, you're considering a move and have a flexible lease (or one that expires monthly), you should still pay close attention to moving trends. Just like other industries, moving companies are limited by supply and demand. With over 20% of Americans planning to move in 2021, knowing the best time to move is crucial to landing a great price. So, here are the recommenadions from Texas Moving USA on the best time to move?

The best time to move

Summer Moving Seems Like Fun

Why it’s not a good time to move

More than half of all American apartment moves happen in the summer, and for a good reason. With warm weather and even daylight hours, it's easy to see why most Americans choose this season to move house. Unfortunately, if you're planning to move in the summer, you'll encounter moving companies that are booked months in advance. These companies usually offer "rush" booking with special teams, but those jobs tend to cost you more than if you were to move any other time of the year. A cursory glance at moving company schedules in summer tells you at a glance that there are too many jobs for them, with most days filled up before the season even starts. Sadly, the demand is so high that many moving companies are willing to hire unskilled workers for some of their jobs. This increased demand may result in a lower quality of work overall for anyone intending to move house in summer. Texas Moving USA ensures our moving quality remains at the same reliable level throughout the year.

Why it’s a good time to move

It's not all gloom and doom, though. Moving in the summer ensures that you have the time to pack your stuff without having to worry about rain or biting cold. Kids are also out of school, so you might even have some little helpers to label boxes and make sure they're packed properly. If you're moving to a new neighborhood or state, the summer gives you time to enroll the kids into a new school before the semester starts. Additionally, most US apartments end their yearly lease terms in summer, so you might not even have to break your lease agreement. All of the benefits put together might outweigh the added cost of moving during the summer, but what's acceptable is different for everyone.

Summer Time

Fall Moving Could Be an Option

Why it’s a good time to move

In the fall, the temperatures already start to drop, but it's not freezing just yet. This temperature makes it more bearable to be working out in the open loading boxes into trucks. You might not even need to dress too warmly, depending on how cold the outside temperature is. The work's likely to warm you up enough. Moving in the fall allows you to get into a new place and get settled before the holiday season rolls in. Movers usually have a much lighter workload than in summer, as most people would have already moved the season before. Fall is an excellent time to locate economical rates for moving. You'll also see many more available dates show up since the companies have much less work to do around this time. You're guaranteed to get their best and most trusted workers to help you with your move.

Why it’s not a good time to move

Unfortunately, moving is an expensive thing to cover, and fall moves are likely to bite into your overall financial cushion. If you don't have a large nest egg, the gifts for Christmas might be relatively inexpensive. Funds for Halloween costumes might also be pretty thin. Kids may have to switch schools in the middle of a semester, which isn't ideal. Based on how most school curriculums run, putting a child into a class in the middle of a semester might leave them lost for a while as they catch their bearings. The emotional stress might be too much for some. If you're moving into a place near a college campus, you might not see that extra availability of movers that would typically happen in non-university towns. College usually opens in the fall, and these local movers get extra work in university towns from kids moving into their apartments. Be aware of these concerns if you're moving in the fall.

Spring Time

Spring Is a Time for Renewal, Cleaning, and Moving

Why it’s a good time to move

Everyone feels refreshed and new in spring. Most of the weather woes you'd get in other months are either non-existent or less prominent during the spring. You may have to deal with spring showers, but there are worse things that could befall a move. The weather is usually a delicate balance between extremely cold and extremely warm. Kids are usually still in school, so they're less likely to get in the way of a move. They can still add help on evenings and weekends, however, making it an ideal tradeoff. Most people don't like moving in spring, which means low demand and better prices for you if you decide this is your moving season. If you're in a university town, moving in the spring is ideal since most college students are on their way back home.

Why it’s not a good time to move

Unfortunately, spring also has its drawbacks. If you're moving outside of the school district, kids might be at a massive disadvantage since they'll be attending the last semester of the year in a new school. The things that other kids in the year would have learned, your kids might not know. It also means giving up the friendships they've forged all year long - a difficult decision for many kids. If you move in spring, you better have your umbrella and raincoat ready. The spring showers happen pretty often, and it's better to be prepared for them than to have them wash out your move entirely. If you're someone who suffers from pollen allergies, you might have a tough time with it since spring is hay fever season. All these things usually mount up to make most people avoid spring as a time to move. Texas Moving USA will do what we can to help make your move in spring bearable.

Spring Time

The Crisp Cold of Winter Moves

Very few people move in winter. There are some obvious reasons - the biting cold, the low visibility, the chances of a blizzard, the difficulty of driving on icy roads, and more. However, if you do decide to shift into a new apartment in winter, you'll probably make some significant savings on your moving costs. You'll probably be in a great place to negotiate rent as well. Cold temperatures are also better for long-distance moves . If your stuff is moving long-distance in the cold, they'll fare much better than being stuck inside of a hot truck in sweltering temperatures. These benefits are great, but you always have to pay attention to the cold. Moving anything while in earmuffs and mittens can be terrible. You might warm up during the work, but it probably won't be enough to stave off freezing. If you're someone who doesn't mind a bit of cold, moving in winter might be just your cup of tea. If you're not a fan of cold weather, it's best to avoid moving in this season altogether.

When Should You Move?

Your decision of which season to move in should be undertaken carefully. Summer's the most popular month by far, but it isn't the only option you have. If you're looking to limit the costs of your move, spring or winter might be the best option. Fall has excellent availability and might get you set up before the holidays, but it might restrict your holiday spend significantly. These are the things you should consider when you're thinking about moving. If you'd like professional advice on your move or just want a quote across the seasons to help you make up your mind, Texas Moving USA is at your service! Give us a call today to find out more.


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