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5 Steps to Take When Preparing to Interstate Move

Interstate movers undergo significant challenges during the relocation. This is understandable because long-distance moving is a complex process in comparison with local moving. For instance, you have to deal with transporting your belongings, unpacking and arranging them, and starting up life in the new state.
The success of every move depends heavily on its planning. However, interstate moving requires extra care and planning. Fortunately, the best interstate moving and storage company can minimize this stress. In addition, the interstate moving tips in this article can ensure that you have a smooth relocation experience.

Interstate Move

Reasons People Move to Other States

Various reasons inform interstate moves. We discuss some of them below.

Marriage and Family

Meeting a significant other in another state is a frequent reason for interstate relocations. One or both parties will have to move closer to the other for such a relationship to thrive. Furthermore, a sick relative or the need to stay closer to family can inform such long-distance moves.

Employment Opportunities

Work requirements usually dictate where people live. So, these two job implications can necessitate an interstate move:

  • A new job in another state
  • Branch transfers on a current job

Depending on the circumstances, moving interstate here could be permanent or temporary. Where permanent, you may start considering the cost of moving your car and furniture interstate.


Getting a college admission can also result in an interstate move. This is because education is still a significant cause of long-distance moving. For instance, it could be that there aren’t any good schools in your area. Furthermore, one could also be using education as an excuse to explore another state.
Below are other factors that can inspire a long-distance mover:

  • Lifestyle changes
  • New climate cravings
  • Health issues

Interstate Moving Statistics

A person in the US will most likely move about 11.7 times in their lifetime. Furthermore, in 2017, about 32.4 million people undertook interstate moves in the US. In addition, the Pew Research Centre showed that about one-fifth (22%) of US adults moved or knew someone who moved in 2020.
This particular moving figure is peculiar because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Generally, the reasons for these moves were unsafe communities, expensive housing, and locked college dorms. However, among these movers, only about 3% described their moves as permanent.

Where Are Americans Moving To and From?

Below are the top ten destinations and exit points of American interstate movers.

Inbound States Outbound States
Idaho New Jersey
Oregon Illinois
Arizona New York
South Carolina Connecticut
Washington Kansas
District of Columbia Ohio
Florida California
South Dakota Michigan
North Carolina North Dakota
New Mexico Iowa

States like Maine and Oklahoma saw similar inbound and outbound traffic. Finally, it's no shock that Idaho topped the destination list for interstate movers with the many benefits of moving to this state.

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Interstate Moving Steps

There are essential steps you must take if your interstate move will be smooth. If you skip one step or follow it carelessly, you may risk your relocation. Therefore, we explain the most important of these steps below.

1. Choose Your Exact Relocation Destination

You may think that every prospective interstate mover already has their new home figured out. However, the reverse is often the case. Some people want to move, but they often aren’t sure where they’re going to live. Choosing a suitable city and county in a new state is quite challenging. Firstly, you may not have personal knowledge and experience of the city.
Furthermore, the interstate mover may not have finalized the tiny details of their interstate move that can conclusively determine their residence. The solution is to research the new state you’re moving to. You can do this by studying online and through physical visits. In the process, it would be best to note important sites like:

  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Grocery stores
  • Religious centers
  • Branch locations of your office in that state (if you’re moving for work)

Having all these details can help you make a residence decision when you’re ready, and preparations are complete.

2. Draw a Budget

After settling the residence issue, the next step is to know how much your move will cost. A long-distance move is a costly endeavor. So, you must financially prepare for the process. A market survey will expose you to long-distance moving quotes. Furthermore, you can compare offers from various interstate moving companies.
However, bear in mind that some factors affect your relocation costs. They include travel, storage, and packing fees. Furthermore, liability insurance and the size of your properties further affect your interstate moving estimates.
Below is a table explaining how these factors increase or reduce your bills.

Increasing Factors Reducing Factors
Professional packing Self-packing
Long-term booking Same day moving
Moving to far states Moving to neighboring states
Using an interstate company’s storage facilities Not requiring any storage
Moving many properties and appliances Moving few possessions

3. Plan and Start Packing

Once you have reliable interstate moving estimates, you can start packing. It’ll be best to buy durable boxes for the safety of your properties. Alternatively, you can contract an interstate moving and storage company for the packing too. It’s noteworthy, too, that different properties require various packing materials. So, it’ll help to pay attention to these details.
In addition, while packing, ensure that you separate fragile, irreplaceable, and sentimental items. This list includes certificates, passports, medical records, and legal documents. A professional moving company will know to move these items more carefully. Conversely, you can choose to transport them yourselves. Finally, after packing, you should also label your boxes. This is because labeling simplifies the unpacking process.

4. Choose an Interstate Moving Company

Selecting an interstate company is the last step before your interstate move, yet very crucial. Interstate moving is too complex to carry out alone. Firstly, you may not have the workforce or equipment to pull off long-distance moving. So, it’s best to hire reliable movers. However, you’ll have to vet many interstate movers before making a decision.
You must use only the best-rated interstate moving companies. This means that you may have to read interstate moving company reviews. In addition, you can focus on particular features of interstate movers that affect your relocation. For instance, you can choose to research the best interstate moving and storage companies around you. Finally, it’s also best to compare interstate moving quotes and estimates before making a decision.

5. Settle in Your New State

Interstate moving tips will be incomplete without the information on how to settle into your new state. Fortunately, this doesn’t take as much energy as the primary moving. However, you’ve still got some things to do. For example, you’ll have to get a new driver’s license in the new state. Some states allow you a month or two to complete your new vehicle registration process.
On the other hand, some other states expect that you do it sooner. You may even have to get a new license immediately when you get to the new state before you can drive. Your timeline depends on the state’s laws. Therefore, you have to research the state you’re moving to properly. This way, you’ll know every process you must go through to become an official resident.

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Interstate Moving FAQs

When Is the Best Time for an Interstate Move?

Timing is crucial to interstate moving. At some points in the year, getting reliable movers will be difficult. For example, summer is usually a busy period for interstate moving companies because many residential moves occur within this season. Summer starts from around May — September. Therefore, if you search for “long-distance movers near me,” your results may be fully booked during this period.
Furthermore, fully-booked interstate movers mean higher interstate moving estimates and costs. So, it would be best to consider all factors before an interstate relocation carefully. In addition, if you have significant control over your schedule, it’ll be best to plan your move far from this period. Finally, winter is generally the best time for interstate moves since there’s a lower demand for interstate moving services.

How Do I Calculate the Cost of My Interstate Shipment?

Interstate companies have means of calculating client shipments and arriving at interstate moving estimates. So, for interstate movers, the shipment cost is based on the cargo weight and mileage. Mileage refers to your transportation costs. Usually, interstate movers will weigh their moving trucks before loading.
Then, they’ll reweigh the truck after packing and loading. The difference in both weights is your shipment’s weight. Thus, it’s this difference the long-distance mover will use to calculate your charge. Other factors also impact the cost of your interstate move. They include:

  • Packing
  • Crating
  • Special or fragile appliances
  • Labour

Finally, it’s crucial to ask the long-distance movers to explain all these charge types to you adequately. This way, you can be sure you have an accurate bill.


Moving interstate doesn’t have to be a painful and challenging experience. The interstate moving tips above can guarantee a smooth transition. In addition, exploiting our interstate moving services can further make your relocation a straightforward process. So now you know the steps to take while preparing for an interstate move, why not take them with a reputable interstate mover? Contact us today!


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