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Top 6 Reasons Why Californians Are Moving to Austin, Texas

It’s almost impossible to imagine anyone leaving California, the Golden State, to any other part of the country. This is because California appears to have a lot to offer. For instance, it is the home of Hollywood, the Coachella Music Festival, and Comic-Con. The state is also home to the tech Silicon Valley, has excellent food and weather, an expansive coastline, and diverse culture.
However, with all the amazing places in California, people are leaving and moving to Austin, Texas. So, the question is, what makes Austin more attractive than the Golden State? This article brings you the top six reasons why Californians are relocating. If you’re considering moving from California to Austin, Texas Movers are your best option for an easy and stress-free transition. Contact us today to get a free no-obligation quote.

City of Austin

Brief Facts People Moving to Austin from California Should Know

Austin is not just another city in Texas; it is the capital of the Lone Star State. It is an inland city sharing borders with the Hill County regions and home to the University of Texas flagship campus. The city boasts of an eclectic music scene and several parks and lakes for those who love the outdoors.
Below is all you need to know about Austin, Texas, at a glance.

Facts Statistics
Population 961,885
Median Gross Rent $1,280
Job Market Manufacturing, Technology, Data Management,
Financial Services, Life Sciences, Space Technology
Best Places to Reside Allendale, Barton Hills, Buda, Cedar Park, Cherry Wood,
Downtown, Dripping Springs, East Austin
Cost of Living 3% lower than the national average
Climate Type Humid Subtropical Climate
County Travis County, Williamson County
Rank in State 4th largest city
Rank in Country 11th largest city
Land Area 319.9 sqr. mi
Density 3,162.50/sq mi
Transportation Capital Metro

Austin Demographics

According to the United States Census Bureau, the racial demographics in Austin, Texas, is as follows:

  • White alone: 72.6%
  • African American alone: 7.8%
  • Asian alone: 7.6%
  • American Indian and Alaska Native alone: 0.7%
  • Two or more races: 3.5%
  • Hispanic or Latino: 33.9%
  • Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander: 0.1%
  • White alone not Hispanic or Latino: 48.3%
Reasons why Californian People Move to Austin

Fun Facts People Moving to Austin Should Know

Here are some fun things to know if you’re considering moving to the Texas capital:

  • The Texas Capitol Building in Austin has 30 view corridors.
  • Humans have resided in Austin since at least 9200 BC.
  • Austin is one of the safest major U.S. cities.
  • Austin is home to about 750,000 bats in spring and summer.
  • The city has over 300 sunny days yearly.
  • Austin is famous for folk, blues, jazz, bluegrass, Tejano, zydeco, new wave, punk, and indie music scenes.
  • Austin is known for its Aux-Mex breakfast consisting of tasty breakfast tacos and juicy barbecue.

Why Are People Moving from California to Austin, Texas?

Below, we share the top six reasons why Californians are moving to Austin.

Reason 1: Relatively Low Living Cost

If there’s one reason to move to Texas, particularly Austin, it’s the low cost of living. The living cost in the metropolitan city is 3% lower than the national average. The preceding is based on a system that calculates living costs based on career, average living cost, and real estate in a particular area.
The cost of living in Austin is significantly lower than that of California. A rating system that uses 100 as the average living cost in the United States placed the cost of living in California at 149.9. This shows that it is way cheaper and more cost-effective to move from California to Texas.
Also, Texas has a more flexible tax system than the west coast state. California has one of the highest taxes in the country. Its sales tax rate is 7.25%, and the income tax can be as high as 12.3%, depending on your income. Texas has no income tax, with its sales tax rate at 6.25%. With what Californians stand to save by moving to Texas, it’s no surprise they are migrating to Austin.

Reason 2: Affordable Housing

The Golden State may have a lot of sunshine all year round and excellent career prospects, but its expensive housing seems to shadow all that. Imagine working all year only for a massive chunk of the money to go into paying rent or mortgage. In May 2020, the median price for a single-family home in California was $588,070. Of course, it also doesn’t help that the average rent for an apartment is $1,488.
But the story is different in Austin. The boom of the real estate market in the city has made housing more affordable, thereby making it the ideal place when relocating to Texas. As a result, several young families can afford to buy a home if they choose, and the rent is lower than what’s obtainable in California.

Reason 3: Awesome Weather

Low cost of living and affordable housing are not the only reasons to move to Texas from California. Several other factors make Austin more appealing to Californians than other cities in the U.S. with similar benefits. One such factor is the weather.
While the Golden State has endless sunny days, Austin has a similar climate. The city gets about 300 days of sunshine yearly, making it the perfect place for west coasters who love clear, bright days. Furthermore, Austin boasts of a humid climate. During the year, the temperature typically shifts from 43°F to 97°F and is rarely below 30°F or above 102°F.

Reason 4: Vibrant Job Market

The high-paying jobs on the west coast have not stopped people from moving to Texas from California. This is because the Golden State capital offers similar opportunities. Plus, it has less competition than the California job market.
One appealing fact about the Austin job market is that it is a thriving location for tech companies and innovators. The city has a location-tagged “Silicon Hills,” like the Silicon Valley in California. It is home to about 5,500 startups and major tech companies like Apple and Cisco.
While it appears that Austin has cemented its place as a tech domain, the tech sector promises more growth, especially in high-demand and high-pay areas. So, it’s no wonder that techy Californians are making a move to Texas before the job market gets as competitive as Silicon Valley. In addition, manufacturing, financial services, and space technology offer attractive career options.
Furthermore, Elon Musk describing Austin as the “biggest boomtown” America has seen in 50 years could be a significant reason why Californians are moving to Texas. Austin is already booming, ranking as one of the top ten cities for startups in the US. In addition, the state capital ranks as one of the top ten cities for job growth and is the fifth city with the lowest unemployment rate.

Reason 5: Active Lifestyle

Californians are known for their vibrant and outdoorsy lifestyle due to their perfect weather. So, when they move from California to Texas, they are not leaving their way of life behind. This is because Austin offers a vibrant lifestyle much like what they had on the west coast. Californians moving to Austin also enjoy parks, fitness centers, drive-ins, boating, skydiving, golf courses, etc.

Reason 6: Numerous and Diverse Activities

Let’s be honest; no one wants to live in a boring city without any form of social life. While a vibrant job market, low-cost living, and affordable housing are excellent prospects, a city needs more than that to attract people. Thankfully, Austin offers numerous and diverse activities to the thousands migrating to it yearly. People moving from California to Austin find that they don’t have to change much about their lives. So adapting to their new environment is not hard.

City of Austin


Is Texas Better Than California?

In the strict sense, no state is better than the other. What’s important is whether the state has what you’re looking for at the time. However, Texas does offer some benefits that California doesn’t. For example, it has no income tax, lower sales tax, more affordable, and a diverse job market. The preceding are some of the reasons to live in Texas instead of California.

Is Austin, Texas, a Good Place to Live?

If you want lower taxes, affordable houses, temperate weather, diverse culture, and a promising job market, you should consider moving from California to Austin. The city offers all these and more, and newcomers can settle in quickly.

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