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Moving to Texas: Relocation Guide 2022

If you are planning to move to Texas, you’re in good company. The Lone Star state is the biggest state in the union in terms of geography. It is also the second most populated state, due to a thriving economy, affordability and low taxes. Vibrant metropolitan centers like Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio attract more and more new residents each year with the promise of jobs, entertainment, culture and social activities. Warm weather and world-famous food add to the great standard of living you'll enjoy as a new Texas resident. With the help of our professional movers, your Texas relocation will be smooth and stress-free. Call us for a free quote now.

Quick Facts About Texas:

  • Population: 29-30 million
  • The state of Texas is larger than any country in Europe
  • The capital is Austin
  • The most populous city is Houston
  • “Friendship” is the state motto
  • The median household income is $61,874
  • Most common languages: English, Spanish, Vietnamese and Chinese


  • Healthy job market
  • Thriving economy
  • Low cost of living
  • Comparatively low taxes
  • Warm, sunny climate


  • Competitive job market
  • Ranks 15th of the 50 states current economic outlook
  • $7.25/hour minimum wage
  • Sales tax
  • Hot and humid climate, hurricanes

Best Places in Texas

City Population Median income Median home value Job market Education
Houston 2.33 million $51,000 $179,000 Construction, healthcare, retail University of Houston
Dallas 1.35 million $52,000 $210,000 Construction, healthcare, retail Richland College
Fort Worth 899,000 58,400 $189,000 Retail, healthcare, manufacturing Tarrant County College District
Austin 964,000 $71,500 $365,500 Professional, scientific and tech services University of Texas at Austin
San Antonio 1.53 million $49,000 $155,600 Healthcare, retail, hospitality University of Texas at San Antonio
Galveston 50,000 $45,000 $170,000 Healthcare, hospitality, education University of Texas Medical Branch
Corpus Christi 327,000 $57,000 $146,000 Construction, healthcare, retail Texas A & M University, Corpus Christi

Many of the cities in the Lone Star State have plenty to offer in terms of jobs, education and quality of life. Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin and San Antonio are fast-growing metropolitan areas that attract thousands of newcomers annually.

Houston is home to the NASA astronaut training center and the Space Center Houston. As the Texas city with the largest population, Houston has a lot to offer, including professional sports teams, night life, culture, higher education and outdoor recreation opportunities. It is located on the Gulf Coast near Galveston.

The Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex combines two cities and extends over 11 counties in the northeastern region of Texas. The economy of the area depends mainly upon banking, commerce, telecommunications and technology. It is the home base of two dozen firms in the Fortune 500. It also boasts the greatest number of colleges and universities in the state.

Austin, best known as the state capital, is a vibrant, quickly growing urban area. Centrally located in the state, Austin borders the Colorado River and contains such recreational areas as Lady Bird Lake, Lake Travis and McKinney Falls. Austin is an important part of the national live music scene, and the city hosts such annual festivals as South by Southwest and the Austin City Limits live music events.

San Antonio was founded as a colonial outpost and Spanish mission in the early 18th century. Several U.S. armed forces have bases in the area, and the military is one of the top supporters of the city’s economy. The Alamo Mission in the downtown area is the state’s biggest tourist attraction, drawing crowds of visitors year after year. Located about 75 miles to the south of Austin, San Antonio enjoys a similar semi-humid subtropical climate.

Moving to Texas

Average Monthly Cost of Living

City Rent Utilities Groceries Transportation
Houston $1200 $156 from $250/person $90/METRO pass
Dallas $1223 $154 from $290/person $96/DART pass
Austin $1531 $145 from $299/person $96/METRO pass
San Antonio $1228 $178 from $296/person $38/VIA pass

Residential Property Tax Rates

  • Houston: 1.82 percent of property value
  • Dallas: 1.69 percent of property value
  • Fort Worth: 2.18 percent of property value
  • Austin: 2.22 percent of property value
  • San Antonio: 1.82 percent of property value
  • Galveston: 2.01 percent of property value
  • Corpus Christi: 1.69 percent of property value

You should move to Texas if you want a home that is:

  • Affordable
  • Designed to stay cool in hot weather
  • Spacious enough for your family
  • In a friendly neighborhood
  • Near excellent schools and universities
  • Near cultural and entertainment centers
  • Close to parks and lakes

Sample Long-Distance Moving Costs

Texas Movers relocates businesses and families from throughout the country to the major metropolitan centers of the state. Relocation fees vary according to the season, the distance and the size of your move. Below are some estimated long-distance moving costs to Texas:

  • From Los Angeles – $2,200-$4,100
  • From Seattle – $3,400-$5,700
  • From New York – $3,000-$6,000
  • From Chicago – $2,000-$3,400
  • From Florida – $3,000-$6,000

Cost of Doing Business in Texas

City Labor Utilities Taxes
Houston 102% 111% 0 to 101%
Dallas 99% 121% 0 to 71%
Austin 103% 88% 0 to 81%
San Antonio 88% 88% 0 to 100%

Moving to Texas FAQs

How do I update my driver’s and car licenses after I move to Texas?

You have 90 days to get your new driver’s license but just 30 days to transfer your vehicle license. Get your vehicle inspected at a certified location, and then bring the paperwork, the car title, proof of insurance and the completed transfer application form to your local DMV. The base price to transfer your registration is around $50, but local jurisdictions may add on fees. To get a Texas driver’s license, bring your ID, proof of citizenship, vehicle registration, proof of insurance and proof of address to the DMV. The cost is $25.

What will the weather be like when we get to Texas?

December through February, you can expect cool weather with average high temperatures in the 50s and 60s and low daily temperatures around 40 degrees F. The average highs in March, April, October and November are in the 70s while lows drop down to the mid 50s. May through September are the hottest months in Texas. You can expect high temperatures to reach the mid-90s at the height of summer and lows to hover in the 70s.


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